March 29, 2020
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A Safe Commitment

A Safe Commitment
Prabhat Singh
MD & CEO, Petronet LNG
A Safe Commitment

Today, more people share the dwindling and fewer natural resources. The dependency on carbon-based energies has placed an unsustainable burden on the earth’s carrying capacity. With increasing population in the coming decades, we foresee a rapidly increasing demand for natural resources and, hence, the need for efficient products. Across the globe, various nations have initiated efforts to achieve the twin objectives of ensuring energy security, even as the demand peaks. This has motivated the global policy makers to explore cleaner energy sources to achieve the other aims of fulfilling economic growth, while reducing the environmental impact. Today, natural gas has increasingly becoming the fuel of choice to meet the energy requirement.

Petronet LNG recognises its obligation to carry out all of its activities in a manner that preserves and promotes a safe and healthy environment. The company consciously strives to mitigate environmental impacts due to its business operations, and follows precautionary approach wherever it suspects that the risk of its actions might cause harm. While conducting its activities, Petronet takes into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials; the minimisation of adverse environmental impact and waste generation; and the safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes. It carries environment, health and safety (EHS) risk assessments at Dahej and Kochi regularly. Any actions identified through such assessments are managed accordingly.

On the environment welfare issues, The Environment Protection Act 1948 is the bible in India. On the environment protection front, India has come a long way. With a plethora of legislation, it requires a strategy of integration of occupational health, safety and environment protection for a sustainable business. The objective of the Environment Protection Act is to protect and improve the environment in the country. But legislation alone cannot ensure sustainability. The business establishments have to earnestly participate and reorient their businesses in accordance with the new laws. Challenges have to be identified and opportunities explored so that it becomes a win-win situation vis-a-vis ensuring profit making sustainable business.

Petronet deals in natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and is used throughout the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. LNG contributes to cleaner global environment. Bringing clean-burning natural gas into the Indian marketplace helps the country to meet clean air quality standards, which contributes to worldwide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as more and more coal-fired electricity is replaced with natural gas. This is particularly beneficial in our country where access to clean energy is otherwise limited.

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