Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

A Map With Everything

In keeping with global norms, India is taking steps to flag-mark products from farm to shelf

A Map With Everything Sanjay Rawat

What Are The Categories Being Traced?

  • Services—PDS, mid-day meals, farmer loans and crop insurance, seed certification.
  • Organic products and food items
  • Precious metals
  • Clothes
  • Drugs and chemicals
  • Toys & furniture


Why Is Product Traceability Becoming Important?

  • EU laws require food to be traced back to the farm; India has also a planned law on food safety that includes the ability to trace where a food item was manufactured
  • Growing consumer awareness, particularly in the developed world, about the origin of food as well as the ills of global warming, carbon footprints and child labour
  • It's estimated that in five years, 15-30 per cent of all products in India will be traceable