February 19, 2020
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9/11 A Year After

9/11 A Year After
9/11 A Year After
They called it the mother of all events. Outlook puts September 11 in a retrospective light, not in a ritual of remembering but because the catastrophe offers a prism, stark and painful, on our complex times. Refracted through it are personal trauma, the disbelief of the supremely insular New Yorker, a war in the Afghan badlands as seen via a scribe’s diary, a region tormented by its consequences, and Islam’s search for its soul in the backdrop of an ambivalent ‘war against terror’ that may only get more complicated in the coming year.

Noam Chomsky: Mirror Crack'd

Arun Venugopalan: Ashes On The Hudson

Rahimullah Yusufzai: Endurance Of Freedom

Peter Greste:B-52s Over Oxania

Kanti Bajpai: A Concerto For Violence

V. Sudarshan: No Proxy Warriors

Mike Marqusee: New York! New York!

Samuel P. Huntington: 'Religion Is The Most Important Element In Defining A Civilisation'

Ayaz Amir: Faust's New Deal

John L. Esposito: Islam's Glasnost

Ahmed Rashid: Ground Zeroes

Short Interviews: Shards, Memories

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