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Who Killed My Son? Father Cries For Justice, Wants Bhopal To Snub Malegaon Blast Accused Pragya Thakur
National Magazine May 13, 2019
Malegaon blast accused Pragya Singh Thakur is contesting from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat on a BJP ticket against Congress veteran Digvijay Singh. Victims of the blast are upset at the 'freedom' firebrand Pragya is enjoying.
Women Just Love Him! Why Naveen Patnaik Is Just Unputdownable In Odisha
National Magazine May 13, 2019
Naveen Patnaik has been synonymous with politics in Odisha. The Biju Janata Dal leader's relationship with the common man, especially women, has confounded critics and Opposition.
Cutting Across Party Lines, Kanhaiya Kumar's Charisma Leaves Ex-JNU Leaders In Awe
National Magazine May 13, 2019
Kanhaiya Kumar is the CPI candidate for Begusarai in Bihar. If student leaders are asking probing questions today, credit goes to this young man who looked Narendra Modi in the eye, feel JNU student leaders.
Zero Instead Of 99! Marksheet Blunder Drives Students To Commit Suicide In Telangana
National Magazine May 13, 2019
A blacklisted IT firm made a mess of the evaluation system of the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education's examinations. Out of 9.74 lakh students, a whopping 3.28 lakh failed!
Anatomy Of A Middle-Class Electorate: Neither Forward Nor Backward, Just Awkward
National Magazine May 13, 2019
The Indian middle class feels ­entitled to political opinion like no other social strata yet shies away from electoral action. Why?
Is Bollywood Fida On PM Narendra Modi? It's Dangal Break In B-Town!
National Magazine May 13, 2019
Is Bollywood really apolitical? After Akshay Kumar's recent interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral, B-Town has broken all its borders in terms of political allegiance
Elections In India: From Ridicule To Sexual Innuendos, Why It's A Nightmare For Women Candidates
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Indian politics remain a male dominated domain. So much so that women candidates aspiring to be an MP or MLA have to endure sexist comments and even fend off perverted men during their campaign trail
2019 Elections: Assam Ponders Over Ill Effects Of Citizenship Amendment Bill, But BJP Nonchalant
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Parties like All Assam Students' Union warn voters that implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill will hurt the state's future and security but BJP remains cool on the controversial Bill and its promises
A Hard Day’s Night
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Shootouts, explosions and arduous treks—all in a day’s work for poll personnel
Arching For Bullseye
National Magazine May 06, 2019
BJP banks on Modi to hold on to its seats from North Karnataka
In The Eye Of The Tiger! Hungry Maneaters Find Pilibhit Easy Meat
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Amid the bustle of elections, villages around Pilibhit Tiger Reserve live in the fear of man-eating big cats
Kashmir’s Empty Voting Machines
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Scorned valley stays away from the polling booths
Red Alert: Marx, Mao, Lenin And Stalin Set To Die A Second Death In SUCI Homes
National Magazine May 06, 2019
Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) thrived when the Left Front government ruled West Bengal. They not only shielded underground comrades, the art of simple living, high thinking in a community was honed in SUCI centres.
'Numbers Lie In Indian Politics: Contribution Of Women Grossly Underplayed'
National Magazine May 06, 2019
At a time when politicians like Jacinda Arden of New Zealand are transforming world opinion, Indian politicians remain in the grip of men who refuse to share the limelight with women. But there are minor exceptions in Odisha and Bengal, says Krishna Menon
CJI Sexual Harassment Case: Why Charges Against Justice Ranjan Gogoi Have Opened A Can Of Worms
National Magazine May 06, 2019
There may be mixed reactions on the way the sexual harassment charges against Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi were dealt with but absence of a mechanism to deal with such charges against sitting judges is the bigger worry.


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