Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

The stand-off between the Judiciary and the Executive does not bode well for democracy. In this issue, we look at the implications of this stalemate.

Issue Date : 02 January 2023


When The Gloves Come Off: The Tussle Between Judiciary And Executive Is In Whose Interest?

Any attack on the court in bad faith erodes the trust in the judicial system, undermines the rule of law and leads to anarchy.


Judiciary Vs Executive: Law Minister Must Respect The High Office He Holds

The tussle between the executive and the judiciary is not new, but it has now taken an ugly turn


Appointment Of Judges: Why Collegium System Is The Only Hope We Have Against Authoritarian Rule

With much criticism directed against the courts with regard to judicial appointments, there may be reasons for preserving the Collegium system as it stands today


Why The Current Attack On Judiciary Is Absolutely Uncalled For

Our Constitution has a system of checks and balances among the three wings: legislature, executive and judiciary. Each wing is supreme in its own sphere.


History Of Govt Interference In Appointment Of Judges In Top Courts

Nehru foresaw the impending conflicts with judiciary over socialist reforms but preferred constitutional amendments over influencing judicial appointments. But Indira had other plans


Judiciary Vs Executive In US: Why Joe Biden Administration Has Tough Times Ahead

The Donald Trump administration stuffed the courts with conservative judges leading to many progressive laws being rolled back in the United States


Judiciary vs Executive: Why Supreme Court Wants To Preserve The Collegium System At All Costs

Questioning the government’s delay in appointment of judges recommended by the SC collegium, the apex court observes that the law declared by it is binding on everyone, adding that comments on the Supreme Court collegium will not be well-received.


The Many Battles Fought Between Governments And Courts For Power To Amend The Constitution

The turf war between the Executive and the Judiciary today is neither new nor novel. Skirmishes with the Executive, which often turn into battles, have been a constant feature of the Indian judicial landscape.


Deferring Justice: Will J&K Ever Get Back The Special Status?

Although the Supreme Court has delayed the hearing on Article 370, some still harbour hope for the return of special status to Jammu and Kashmir.


Opinion: Both Bar And Bench Are Exclusive Preserves Of Upper Castes, This Needs To Change

The Collegium system may be a good practice but it seems to favour some ‘judicial families’. If the Collegium system does not include more social groups and the marginalised in higher judiciary, it may attract more criticism and an unpleasant public opinion.


Understanding The Nuances Of Judges’ Appointments And Limitations Of Collegium System

It is no longer a question of ‘who’ gets to appoint judges but ‘how’ the process unfolds


It Is Going To Be A Transparent Government: Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, new Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, has his task cut out. Ashwani Sharma of Outlook speaks to him on his governance plans, challenges, his ties with PCC president Pratibha Singh and cabinet formation.


Why India's Population Control Measures Must Take Note Of Climate Question

We might learn a few things from Indira Gandhi’s political rhetoric on how to frame the ‘population question’ in an age of environmental crisis

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