Wednesday, May 25, 2022

As the dust settles in five states that went to the polls, writers and poets look back and ahead as they analyse the changes around them -- politically and socially.

Issue Date : 28 March 2022


Comic Relief: Why Punjab Stood Behind Bhagwant Mann

The assembly poll outcome in Punjab signifies a catharsis that the state has been desperately waiting for since early 1980s


Of Lament And Longing

The poem was written by Sanjiv Verenkar, a Sahitya Akademi award-winning poet, and translated by Mayabhushan Nagvenkar


And Unquiet Flows The Yamuna

Caught between a rapidly changing socio-political environment and cultural atrophy, literature in Uttar Pradesh is in limbo


How Hindi Literature Failed The Saffron Challenge

The silence of major writers suggests that the rightward shift of the Hindi heartland was inevitable.


Bookseller's Diary | Rise Of Modi And The Change In India's Reading Choices

In Mann Ki Baat 2.0, prime minister Narendra Modi put emphasis on reading the printed word in this digital age. It was great to see a leader recommend what he had read. It was also heartening to see people share their reading lists on the Namo app.


Life, Kingsize: Punjab Has Lost Much But Not Its Spirit

The people of the state are a hardy lot, always taking on the divisive forces, the invaders, whether from within or without, head on.


The Talking Vulture

This poem, translated from the original in Meitei by Khuraijam Nirupama, was composed for a pre-election poetry recital event titled Ethical Election, organised by Youth Collective Manipur.


Konkani Sunrise: In Search Of The Soul Of Goa

If Goa’s official language sustained despite an attempted colonial wipe-out, there’s hope that people will find a way to preserve their Goan-ness irrespective of the ruling party


Interpreter Of Hindustani Maladies

Reflections on lasting themes like Partition, changing trends like alienation, and the lack of gender and caste perspectives in Hindi literature


The Decline Of Urdu In UP's Literary World

Along with Lucknowi mushaira and Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb, Urdu literature is in decline. And the current socio-political atmosphere can't escape its share of the blame


Paradox And Dilemma Of UP's Hindi Literati

Literature coming out of the state once celebrated communal harmony, but current political developments have exacerbated the paradox and dilemma of Hindi literati


Tears Of The Hills: Uttarakhand's Disastrous Date With Modernisation

Besides sweeping away a simpler way of life in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, rapid changes have cast a long shadow on the fragile ecology