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Issue Date : 14 February 2022


Bigger, Taller, Wider: Size Matters When It Comes To Statues

In a contest of sorts, some recent announcements around statues show how each one is being built to be bigger than the other


Decolonising Our Icons, One Statue At A Time

The proposed statue of Subhas Chandra Bose at India Gate is a ‘big idea’ whose time has come


Statues Of Women In India And The Male Gaze

Can public art in India, depicting admirable women from history and mythology, shed the male gaze?


How Statue Wars Became A Prominent Feature Of Indian Political Landscape

An exclusive extract from Kajri Jain’s book, ‘Gods In The Time Of Democracy’

Making A Difference

From Lenin To Saddam, How Mighty Statues Have Fallen Over Time

History has a serendipitous way of discarding statues that were once erected to project power and perpetuity


Bigger, Taller, Higher: Mumbai’s Fascination For Skyscraper Statues

The world’s tallest statue, of Shivaji Maharaj, will be the jewel in Maximum City’s crown


Why Statues Of Dogra Kings Are Political Fodder For Kashmiri Politicians

From Ghulam Nabi Azad to Mehbooba Mufti, Valley leaders have invoked the Dogra rulers to win over Hindu-majority Jammu.


The Cost Of Piety, A Mirzapur Dirge

Sandstone mining, to build the Ayodhya temple among others, provides vital employment, but endangers lives, livelihoods and the environment


How Goa Trashed The Legacy Of Former CM Manohar Parrikar

Even compared with the most abject annals of misgovernance in India, it’s hard to get worse than what happened in Panjim in the wake of Parrikar’s absence at the helm, followed by his untimely demise.


Marmoreal Projections: Ambedkar, Phule And Dalit Iconography

Statue-building in post-colonial India has followed oppositional trajectories. While the State has tried to project Brahminical hegemony, the public has tried to reclaim the narrative.


Deciphering Mayawati’s Monumental Pride

Dalits have crafted unique visual metaphors to assert their identity and mark their place in politics and BSP played a big role in the process.


Statues And The Construction Of Memory

Far from being about ‘art for art’s sake’, statues are instrument for revival of memory, or construction of new ones.


Can Statues Teach Us About History? Do They Tell The Truth?

The statues mark a point of time; time removes them; the new statues represent some different ideology; common men and onlookers remain unchanged beyond their individual lifetime and psyche.


The Politics Of Statues And The Various Gazes

Why are some statues built and others defaced? Why does no one ever build the statue of a working class man? Why are female statues shaped for the male gaze?


Manipur Election 2022: BJP Goes For The Kill, Congress Fighting Own Battle

Five years after ‘snatching power’ from Congress, the BJP is looking to win 40 seats this time


Why Regional Parties Of Muslims Reflect Newfound Confidence In Community-centric Politics

The nature of these political parties is slightly different from those of the past. They are now appealing on the basis of secularism and trying to organise all oppressed communities under their banner.


Saris To Saffron: Power Dressing And The Indian Politician

For politicians, dressing up for the masses is about endorsing an image, or conveying a message


Artist's Diary | How An Indian Artist Is Preserving Her Childhood Memories Through Her Craft

As my motherhood is progressing, my childhood memories are acquiring new meanings in light of the current discourses of art, gender and immigrant identities, writes Mee Jey, an Indian immigrant artist based in St. Louis