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Cover Story

Poverty And Its Heroes

The State has repeatedly failed the hard-working and resilient Biharis. The point of this Outlook issue is to look at what makes Bihar so poor. More importantly, what does poverty in the poorest state feels like.

Chinki Sinha December 27, 2021
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  • Cover Story

    State Of Emptiness

    Bihar is the teardop on India’s cheeks. But is there none to wipe it off?

    December 27, 2021 | Umesh Kumar Ray
  • Opinion

    Nowhere To Hide, Mr CM

    Niti Aayog report proves Nitish government’s policy coma

    December 27, 2021 | Manoj Kumar Jha

Other Stories


A Bottomless Pit

If Bihar is the poorest state, Kishanganj and adjoining Seemanchal districts are its poorest—a flood-ravaged spread of desolation.

December 27, 2021 | Tanzil Asif

Walk With Me Down Musahar Street

The community remains at the lowest rung of society and far away from grand schemes of successive governments and policy-makers

December 27, 2021 | Vishnu Narayan

Muddle Kingdom

Bihar craves fresh policy ideas at the top, and better, more imaginative politics at every level.

December 27, 2021 | M.R. Sharan
Ground Report

Graveyard Of Dreams: The Story Of Soni

Three siblings lose parents in four days. Their hopes of education now crushed by a battle for survival.

December 27, 2021 | Tanzil Asif

Reinventing The Bihari

Niti Aayog’s prognosis is timely but it has missed the larger picture of irreversible social revolution in Bihar

December 27, 2021 | Ashwani Kumar
First Person

Remember His Face?

A Bihari labourer whose son passed away while he was trapped in Delhi during the 2020 Covid lockdown, vows never to...

December 27, 2021 | Rampukar Pandit

Diagnostic Paralysis

Over the past decade, Bihar has enjoyed two-­digit growth, but Biharis remain the poorest

December 27, 2021 | Manish K Jha, Sohini Sengupta
Weighing Poverty

The Elephant In The Room

How does one determine multidimensional poverty? What are its lacunae? What is the politics behind various poverty indices?

December 27, 2021 | Ashutosh Sharma

The Education Challenge

Intergenerational mobility in India is low. Those born poor are likely to stay poor, as inequities are entrenched. Now consider...

December 27, 2021 | Yamini Aiyar



Candle In The Wind

People of Northeast continue to face inhuman atrocities as security forces get away with murder

December 27, 2021 | Veio Pou


Book Review

His Story Of India

A peek into Shashi Tharoor’s world, told in unhurried fashion, and without malice.

December 27, 2021 | Anjana Basu


Last Page

Street Diary

'No government schemes have reached me, but whom to complain about? I think it was not...

December 27, 2021 | Shamsher Ansari