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Manoj Bajpayee

Method Hero

Behind his many on-screen personas is one man with a single agenda­—to be a better version of himself every time he steps in front of the camera.

Giridhar Jha
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September 06, 2021

Cover Story

  • OTT

    Where The Phoenix Rises And New Stars...

    The novice, the neglected, the forgotten and the stars fallen by the wayside—all are flocking to the democratic republic of OTTs

    September 06, 2021 | Giridhar Jha
  • Opinion

    My Friend, The Gladiator

    In Manoj, there is kinship that goes beyond those of director-actor, upstart-mentor...

    September 06, 2021 | Devashish Makhija
  • Interview

    I Still Call Directors For Work

    Manoj Bajpayee, the Bihar-born thespian, now called the Superstar of OTT, tells Giridhar Jha that he still prefers to be known as an actor...

    September 06, 2021 | Giridhar Jha
  • Opinion

    If The Chappal Fits, Wear It

    From Bihar to Mumbai, Manoj Bajpayee’s story is an inspiration to small-town actors

    September 06, 2021 | Pankaj Tripathi
  • Opinion

    The 360-Degree Character

    Manoj Bajpayee more than acts out his role­—he completely absorbs it

    September 06, 2021 | Hansal Mehta
  • Opinion

    The Magic Of Srikant Tiwari

    How Manoj Bajpayee managed to humanise a spy and make the character so intensely relatable

    September 06, 2021 | Aparna Purohit


  • Politics/Trinamool

    Khela Hobe On A Sticky Wicket

    Mamata’s TMC is on an expansion drive in the Northeast.On its sight are smaller parties, prominent leaders.Will they bite the bait?

    September 06, 2021 | Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
  • Karnataka/Politics

    Curious Case Of Caste Census

    Parties root for the socio-educational and economic survey when in Opposition, but dither over it when in power

    September 06, 2021 | Ajay Sukumaran
  • Opinion

    The Key To Unlock India

    The scarlet letter around the idea of reservations must go—it’s a vital tool to progress beyond our primitive oligarchies

    September 06, 2021 | Prof. G. Mohan Gopal



First Ask The Students

With Afghanistan still in chaotic flux, Pakistan, Russia and Iran court the Taliban to sew up their own security interests.

September 06, 2021 | Seema Guha

‘India Shouldn’t Be In A Hurry To Do...’

Geostrategy expert and retired intelligence officer Anand Arni speaks about the possible threats to India after the Taliban...

September 06, 2021 | Bhavna Vij-Aurora



Drag The Flame

Skill, grit and resilience: India’s hockey success in Tokyo 2020 was made of these. Now, they are ploughing the turf for more sharpness.

September 06, 2021 | Soumitra Bose

“Rani & Co Have Created A Legacy...”

Sjoerd Marijne, the 47-year-old coach of Indian women’s hockey team, is writing a book on his Indian journey. Excerpts from...

September 06, 2021 | Soumitra Bose


  • Interview

    ‘I Can’t Be A Mute Spectator To KCR’s...’

    YSR Congress Telangana leader Y.S. Sharmila tells M.S. Shanker that her party will storm to power in the 2023 assembly polls. Excerpts:

    September 06, 2021 | M.S. Shanker
  • Odisha

    New Rule A Pre-Poll Trick?

    Both national parties see red as Naveen Patnaik changes the rules for counting of votes in panchayat polls. One side fears ‘rigging’, the...

    September 06, 2021 | Sandeep Sahu
  • Poliglot

    Mixed Shots

    Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

    September 06, 2021



In case you missed it: News and newsmakers from India over the past week

September 06, 2021

Krishna-Arjun Battle In Bihar

It’s Krishna vs Arjun, says elder brother Tej Pratap, on his tiff with Tejashwi. Rivals mock them with a ‘Dara Shikoh-Aurangzeb’...

September 06, 2021 | Giridhar Jha

Arts & Entertainment

Review/Art And Culture

Life In A Kaali Peeli

Not only ways of seeing, film-making too is being touched by the pandemic. Adeeb Rais pulls out a neat suite of shorts, starring Soni Razdan, Vinay Pathak and harra bharra kabab!

September 06, 2021 | Lachmi Deb Roy


Book Review

Deception: The Face Value

This survey of how India and China conduct its diplomatic manouevres charts the early days of Indian naivety to the gradual...

September 06, 2021 | Dammu Ravi
Book Review

Algorithms Of Eternity

Boston fratboys, coding, start-up spiritual dreams and social media obsession—Tahmima Anam gets up to speed

September 06, 2021 | Anjana Basu


Kabul Diary

Kabul was built, brick by brick, on hope. That was my childhood. Business was booming. Jobs were aplenty. I studied to be a doctor. Then, in 2015, the descent into hell began.

September 06, 2021



Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats

September 06, 2021