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Issue Date : 28 March 2016


Ici Repose...Peut-être…Le Premier Humain

Des traces de découpe sur les ossements découverts dans les piémonts indiens pourraient changer l’histoire de l’évolution de l’homme


The Whys & Wherefores

What is it about Masol that makes it key to the story of human evolution


'Masol Complicates The Out-Of-Africa Theory'

Dr Anne Dambricourt-Malassé, a palaeoanthropologist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, on the significance of the Masol fossil findings


Strongarming The Strongarm

The Enforcement Directorate is up and about, some say on political directions. Has it become the new CBI?


"The Government Ensured That Mallya Collapsed"

Capt G.R. Gopinath who started India’s first budget airline Air Deccan which he sold to Vijay Mallya on the Kingfisher fiasco


Major Flashy Calling Ground Control

Mallya cadged loans and hedged around law with help from politicians


Habeas Cardia... Et Backbone Too

Dalbir Singh Suhag is a favourite of politicians, but he is losing the confidence of his compatriots in the army


When Pushp Comes To RTI Shove

A sting-happy journalist faces police intimidation for a story that embarrass­ed the government


Here Lies The First Human... Perhaps

Cut marks on bone fossils found on an Indian foothill could well change the narrative on human evolution


Cities In The Red

Will investors prefer smaller, more profitable cities?


“No Watering Down, PM’s Vision Is Being Made Complete”

Union minister for urban development Venkaiah Naidu on the smart city project and its compatibility with local governments


Can Modi Sarkar Pass The Great Urban IQ Test?

It began with a scintillating vision—urban utopias going by the spiffy name ‘Smart Cities’. But is the focus all wrong? Is the model elitist? Many questions abound.


Long On A Short Change

A slow change of viewpoints arrives with necessity in the RSS


Vowed Into Violence

Marital rape remains legally unrecognised at a steep cost


Blighted Moth Effect

In spite of Mallya’s antics, young players still have hope thanks to online help


To Hem In A City

Activists-ecologists are aghast at the ruin Mumbai’s western coastal road can cause


A Village That's Always Plotting Its Next Move

One man’s passion for the game of 64 squares became a village craze that rooked the booze

Art & Entertainment

Under The Shamiyana

Films facing bans find newer ways of coming up for air

Art & Entertainment

And Also

The Royal Philharmonic orchestra's plan for the fans of the king of rock ’n roll, Elvis Presley

Art & Entertainment

Fuller House

The enormous advantage and a bigger challenge for Full House looking to make a comeback with Fuller House

Art & Entertainment

Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu

Holds your attention with its easy story-telling though there may be a couple of scenes that lag


Deep Throat

A regular column on the essential buzz

Art & Entertainment

The Sked

The 18th National Festival of Creative Arts, Osianama's annual Film and Arts Festival called Womanhood and Chennai Rock 'n Roll


Kavita Kane

The author and journalist on her new book, Menaka’s Choice