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A random sample from the British periodicals

Marital arts

Israel Barry Shane: On my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, my father was asked the secret of their successful marriage. He rep­lied, “Three things: 1) never go to bed angry with one ano­ther, 2) kiss every morning, and 3) in any disagreement the last word is mine, and it’s usually ‘Yes, my dear’.” For my wife and I, who will soon celebrate our 50th, their formula has proved valid.


Free speech

California David Halligan: Perhaps Clark Kerr, former president of the University of  California, said it best when defending free speech on campus: “The University is not engaged in making ideas safe for students. It is engaged in making students safe for ideas. Thus, it permits the freest expression of views before students, trusting to their good sense in passing judgment... Only in this way can it best serve American democracy.”

The Economist


Thailand Michael Winckless: H.L. Mencken rightly wrote: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it in good and hard.”

FT Weekend

Football whitewash

Oxfordshire Matthew Scott: While watching the Spanish team play in Euro 2016, I was struck by how closely their away strip resembles my children’s clothes after they’ve had spaghetti bolognaise. Is the team looking for sponsorship from a det­ergent company?

The Daily Telegraph



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