Mr. Jitendra Mishra

An amazing teacher and guru rekindling the spirit of patriotism

Jitendra Mishra is well-known name for MCA (Master of computer Application) entrance preparation and is renowned as the best educator in the country today. Jitendra Mishra Academy knows as India’s No. 1 institute for MCA entrance preparation as it has produced highest number of all India topper with maximum number of toppers in all India Top 10 & Top 100 and highest number of selection in India’s top most institute like National Institute of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University, Hyderabad Central University, Birla Institute of Technology, Pune University etc. for MCA course.

Jitendra Mishra, besides being a teacher, is known as one of the revolutionary trendsetters in the society today. Besides educating these young students he has also been inculcating in his students the spirit of nationalism and patriotism. The students have been taught to build a national character and to remain committed to the spirit of renunciation and sacrifice so that after obtaining higher technical education from these prestigious institutions like IIT, NIT, the students do not migrate to foreign countries for jobs and settling down abroad. Instead they have been encouraged to contribute to the development of their own country by working in various fields. Jitendra Mishra believes that it is only possible if every student shows his love and affection for their country.

Jitendra Mishra was born in a military family at Indore on June 22,1979. Jitendra Mishra after completing his graduation pursued his Masters in Computer Application from Indore. Jitendra Mishra remembers that his first love was to serve the country by joining the defence forces to fulfil his father’s dream, but he ended up in the field of education was by chance. Since the father was in the Army he had a sincere desire to get his son, Jitendra into the Army. Moreover, Jitender himself yearned for it, but the fate had its own designs.

Jitendra Mishra notes that education had begun to get commercialised. People started to treat education sector as business or industry. The basic purpose of education was threatening to become extinct which was a cause of worry. Jitendra Mishra found it impossible to teach in such an environment. He found that the whole system was looking more and more alien to him. He opposed it, but his fight against the unhealthy practices was in vain. In the end, he made up his mind to leave the institute where he was teaching, and on 13th November 2006, he quit his teaching job. As soon as the students came to know about his leaving, they gathered and urged him to continue teaching in the interest of his students and to secure their academic future.

On 19th November 2006, all the students, with the intention of bringing about a positive change in the field of education laid the foundation of Jitendra Mishra Academy in Gita Bhawan area of Indore named after their guru Jitendra Mishra. In the beginning there was no table or chair to sit in the classroom. They had to hire carpet at Rs. 20 a day for the students to sit, which was the beginning of success saga. In the first year, the students were given free education. There was a time when he had to sacrifice his family for the sake of his students, and devoted his whole time and life in the interest of educating his students. Certainly, he was handicapped by the lack of facilities, but the goals were clearly definedand he firmly believed that the students would be able to attain their goals. The obstacles did not matter to him, hurdles did not deter him. Some adversaries did not want his Academy to be successful and created obstacles for him. Jitendra Mishra’s unwavering focus was to take his students to their goals. He says, "Wherever there is truth, Krishna is there. And wherever there is Krishna, there is Victory. Finally, he succeeded. In the very first year of the Academy when the MCA entrance examination results were announced Jitendra Mishra Academy had 8 students in the all India Top 10 list. Not just that the Academy had its 80 students in the all India Top 100 list. With that Jitendra Mishra Academy became an established institution sending maximum number of students to MCA courses. From thereon, with each passing year, the academy increased its passing numbers giving students joy and satisfaction, and the Academy is today the No. 1 institute in India for MCA entrance preparation by producing highest number of all India topper and maximum number of selection in NIT, JNU, BHU, Pune University, H.C.U. , BIT, etc.

The reason for the roaring success of Jitendra Mishra Academy is due to the environment it offers. The Academy follows Gurukul Shiksha system and before the learning begins in the morning the students need to attend for yoga, meditation, pranayama, Saraswativandana, Rashtra vandana etc. There are classes on all seven days of the week in the Academy and after the Jitendra sir’s classes the students stay back and complete the tasks for 12-13 hours under the watchful eyes of Jitendra sir. Besides, they have to also do the revision in his presence. Yoga is an integral part of the Gurukul education system preparing students physically, mentally and spiritually for the future challenge of life. In the competitive examination the margins remain very small, and any mistake could cost students a year’s hard work and sacrifice. With the years of experience and the complete understanding of the syllabus (past and future), Jitendra Mishra gives his students personal counselling as per the guidelines and addresses the students with which he identifies the students’ strengths and weaknesses. The result is that in the Entrance Examinations the Academy students succeed and give them wings to chase their dreams.

There is no other faculty member in Jitendra Mishra Academy. Jitendra Mishra is the only teacher With 17 years of vast experience in the MCA entrance training he is ‘one-man army’ and possibly is the only case of this sort in the education sector in India. He himself teaches all the subjects, Jitendra Mishra Sir believes that no student is too weak or over intelligent. With the right guidance and environment every student has the potential to blossom. He suggests that the quality of the seeds is not important. The important ingredients are what land one is sowing and what care one is providing. Along with the bookish knowledge he imparts knowledge on moral, character and spiritual values to his students. With the help of Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other mythological texts he tries to convince the importance of mystical values of life over the physical values.

For his outstanding work in the field of education, Jitendra Mishra has been recognized by the entire country with various recognitions and degrees. In 2013 Jitendra Sir received the 'Captain of Industry Award' from the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. For his outstanding work in 2014 India Today magazine had carried an article titled

“Shunya Se Sikhar Tak Ka Safar” In 2018 he was awarded with the Times of India “Times Icon awards 2018”. In 2018 the Bhaskar Group awarded Jitendra Mishra with “Visionary of Madhya Pradesh 2018 Awards”, and he received the award from the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In 2019 in a programme organized by Zee News
"Ek Sham Desh Ke Naam" Hon'ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Kamal Nath honoured to Mr. Jitendra Mishra.

The mission of Jitendra Mishra is to develop character in every student. The education is not just a means to fill the stomach it also involves larger interests of the nation building and welfare of the society.

A devout patriot, Jitendra Mishra considers Acharya Chanakya, Subhash Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda and Chandrasekhar Azad as his idols. In order to create a nationalistic spirit in his students, Jitendra Mishra talks about the life of these greatest Indians in his lectures. Jitendra Mishra believes that a nation will become glorious when its teachers succeed in producing nationalistic spirit in each student by introducing and making the students to understand the importance of nation building and its glorious past. So, the tone of the Ishwar Vandana along with Nation Vandana is also necessary to reverberate in all directions in order to bind the person to the society and nation. This goal can only be achieved by injecting the right nationalistic spirit in every individual.

The students from Jitendra Mishra Academy are today contributing to nation building in varied sectors such as defence, aviation, aeronautics, robotics etc. and with the help of technology they all are committed to make India a powerful nation. All the students in the Academy consider Subhas Chandra Bose, Mangal Pandey, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh etc as their heroes. The students of the Academy imbibe the ideologies of these great Indians and vow to make Indian glory travel across the world with the help of education and technology. This way India will find its right place as World Guru. That is the goal of Jitendra Mishra.