The Target: The Best Arrow Shooting Game For Free!

Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Archery Challenge

The Best Arrow Shooting Game For Free

A Gift for Arrow Shooting Lovers

Are you a gamer who likes to challenge your gaming skills? The Target is a hyper-casual game where you have to shoot arrows at targets, but don’t think it’s easy. With each new target hit, the difficulty will increase. New targets will be added and they can move around the level or even rotate on their axis, and maybe even disappear in front of your eyes, do not miss! Tap and aim the scope at the main target and release to shoot. It is important not to hit the rope that holds the spike over the man’s head, otherwise, nothing will hold him anymore and he will rush to fall. Try to aim more precisely!

Incredible Physical Engine and Visual Effects

Our game has a simple visual style, mainly black-white lines blocks, giving you a fresh feeling. At the same time, the target you need to shoot is marked with three bright colors, yellow, red and blue, which means that your mission goal will stand out more in contrast, thus guiding you to complete the mission goal more clearly. In addition, this 2D game world we built has a very realistic physics engine, which means that in our game environment, the arrows you shoot will not fly infinitely in a straight line in the direction you specify. Under the real gravity simulation, its flight path will gradually deviate downward. So, you have to adjust slightly upward when aiming to get the arrow to hit the target accurately. In addition, you may have noticed that when you aim, there will be an obvious curve composed of orange balls in front of your bow, which also clearly reflects the direction of your arrow's descent. So, hurry up and enter the game to experience the most realistic archery simulation!

Challenging Gameplay

Simple But Challenging Gameplay

Our games test your anticipation and timing. You need to shoot the arrow to hit the main target, but please note: that the arrow's flight path is a parabola, and you must consider the distance the arrow slides after encountering air resistance when shooting. At the same time, some targets will move up and down, which will test your ability to grasp the timing of archery. The arrow you shoot must hit the main target accurately or it will cut through the rope, leaving you vulnerable to the weight attached to the rope above your head.

Arrow Shooting Game

Diverse Level Design and Dynamic Difficulty Changes

The biggest challenge of our game is that every time you miss the target and the rope breaks and you get hit, the game ends and we record the highest level you passed. You will then restart the challenge from the beginning. Archery becomes more and more difficult as you complete more and more levels. You will be shooting at a moving target or a target that is constantly flipping over. At the same time, you can also choose a more creative and challenging archery method: after judging the distance, use the ground to rebound the arrow, and then let the arrow hit the target. Our game is a great test of your skills. You can record the highest level you passed and share it with your friends, or post it on Instagram to show off your achievements. Compete with your friends to see who gets the higher score when they come to your house for the weekend! If your score is above 10 points, it means you are an excellent player. If you reach 30 points, you are one of the best arrow shooters!

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