How To Win At Roulette Game: Strategy And Tips Of 2024

Get ready to explore your crazy prediction with a roulette wheel study. Our guide will help you with strategies and tips for playing online Roulette game.

How to Play Roulette Game

Strike big and win big with the game of chance “Roulette.” Move the roulette wheel the way James Bond does. 

Roulette is a 19th-century game, but Indian players love it. Most platforms offer unique table layouts on which to wager.

Get ready to explore your crazy prediction with a roulette wheel study. Our guide will help you with strategies and tips for playing online Roulette game.

Let’s get on the playing bandwagon to secure some dynamic wins.

History and Popularity of Roulette in India

The primitive roulette form is an Even and Odd game. Brits first played this game in the 18th century. They used a gaming wheel like the roulette wheel. From France, the roulette spread all over the US and Europe.

The 20th century, along with French roulette, the American roulette wheel came into force. It was a wheel with two double zeroes. Roulette is a comrade game that spreads togetherness. It gives a joyous movement to boost your wins. 

You can be a clown at a poker table, but the roulette game fits in for everyone. It is a social game played with friends that is very popular among Indians. 

It is a game of chance and based on predictions. Indians love roulette because they can make good rewards with small wagers. The predictions come with experience by playing it in a demo mode.

Let us now take you through the step guide and significant tips.

How To Play Roulette?

This table game consists of live dealers and colored chips. The steps are quite simple and effective. Here’s how you can wager in roulette.

  1. Register at a reputed online gaming Indian platform like Fun88

  2. Take a virtual seat on your preferred table

  3. Place one or more than one wager on a specific number or different numbers

  4. You can wager on odd or even, red or black numbers

  5. Watch the croupier’s ball drop on the spinning wheel

  6. The ball will spin before falling on any of the number pockets

  7. Check out if the winning number is yours

  8. If yes, hurray! Collect your win!

Wager to start playing the roulette game.

Variants Of Roulette You Must Know

Different forms of roulette are known from the past. Players in India love to play variants like American, European, and French. Lightning Roulette is also becoming a favorite.

  1. American Roulette

    It has 38 numbers with the addition of a double zero. This manufacture of roulette wheels includes 36 numbers, 0, and 00. The maximum payout is 35x. The House edge for American roulette is 5.25%.

  2. French Roulette

    This is a single-zero-wheel number that reduces the house edge to half. You can enjoy the house edge on your wager of 1.35%. It is like an ordinary roulette wheel with 36 numbers on the inside. There is only one zero (0) on the wheel. Its payout is also 35x.

  3. European Roulette

    The European Roulette is identical to the American version, with zero difference. The numbers on the wheel are from 0 to 36. The maximum payout is 35x. The house edge is 2.7%. More than 85% of online platforms follow a European-style layout. The best winning odds are 97.30%.

  4. Multi-Wheel or Multi-Ball Roulette

    The multi-wheel roulette variation includes six wheels, which Playtech introduced. You can play on all these wheels with one single wager. Players can deactivate some of them if not required. The best thing is you get a good house edge in roulette and profits. It increases your chances of winning.

    Multi-ball or Double Ball roulette includes two roulette balls. The roulette wheel and wagering remain the same. When a ball lands on your chosen number, you receive payout odds of 1300 to 1. Double balls must land on your chosen number only. It can be on red or black pockets or odd/even numbers.

  5. 101 Roulette

    101 Roulette or 100/1 Roulette are similar. It differs from the traditional 0 to 36 or 0 to 38 numbered roulettes. This online roulette game consists of 100 numbers on the board. If you land a straight-up wager, you will receive 100 to 1. The odds of winning are low. You have to wager with a higher amount to win.

  6. Lightning Roulette

    Evolution Gaming introduced this interesting variant. It is a European single-zero wheels version but offers good rewards. The online roulette wheel at random selects 1 to 5 numbers. These numbers become lightning numbers. They offer multipliers between 50x and 500x. This roulette variant is popular among Indians.

Roulette Game Strategies

Spice up your roulette gambling using different strategies in roulette. The right strategy in roulette will take you one step towards your wins. Let’s get started:

  1. Martingale

    The martingale strategy is a popular one. It works great with red, black, odd, and even numbers. You will start with the minimum amount. Double your wager when you lose. This pattern will continue until you hit the bull’s eye. You can return to your initial wager after your win. It offers a 50/50 chance of winning. The first-time roulette player must choose this strategy. 

  2. Paroli

    It is the reverse of Martingale’s wagering strategy. Players with small bankrolls prefer it. You need to increase your wager every time you win. In the event of sudden losses, return to the initial wagering size. Paroli offers a 50% chance of winning. You can wager on red/black, odd/even, or high/low.

  3. Fibonacci 

    The Fibonacci strategy uses the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and 144. You get this sequence by adding the previous two numbers. The most suitable wager is an even number. You need to increase your wager each time you lose. If you win, you can move two spaces down the sequence or start with $1.

  4. D’ Alembert

    A Gambler’s Fallacy is its popular name. According to this strategy, the blacks will hit next if the red numbers win. D’Alembert works on universal rules of balance. This system disregards any flexible progression wagering system. There is no specific wagering layout or house edge.

  5. Labouchere

    Here, you combine the first and last number in a row to place a wager size of the combined amount. When you land on winning numbers, you grab a win. You can remove these combined numbers. You can add the combined amount to the end of your row numbers if you lose.

Tips To Win In Roulette Game

Playing roulette becomes more enjoyable when you know about expert tips. It helps you make informed decisions. Use these tips in any version of roulette to grab a major win. 

Let’s get started with these simple game tips. 

  • Acknowledge The Game Set Up

    The set-up of roulette will include numbers 0 to 36 or 00, 0, and 36 numbers. You can play an American version or a European version. You aim to predict where the ball will land. The knowledge of the game set-up will help you wager and win.

  • Understand Your Playing Options

    You can wager on a single-zero game, 35-to-1 straight-up, even/odd, or black/red options. Place the amount on individual numbers, groups of numbers, outside or inside numbers. Each wager will pay you in a different way. Make sure to pick the right option that will work for you.

  • Go for Martingale or D’Alembert Strategy

    You can choose American roulette, European roulette, or some other form. We advise beginners to opt for the Martingale strategy. You will earn a generous profit after doubling the wagers to compensate for previous losses. Choose D’Alembert when you have a good amount to balance your wins and losses.

  • Choose The Right Roulette Variant

    You must read the expert tips provided for various roulette variants. Choose the one that best suits your bankroll. If you have more money, you can go with classic versions. Do you want to place only one wager? Go with the multi-wheel or multi-ball variant. Lightning roulette is best for players looking for great wins.

  • Consider Special Roulette Features

    Trusted online platforms let you experience joy with classic and lightning roulette variants. It offers guaranteed payouts up to 25x for this game. You can choose various types of roulette, win boost features, promotional tournaments, etc.

  • Always Do BANKROLL Management

    You can use various wagering options, but maintaining a bankroll is important. Set your budget and stick to it. Avoid wagering and chasing more than what you can afford to lose. If it’s not your day, go out and breathe fresh air.

  • Study The Odds Of Winning

    When you wager in roulette, check the odds and payouts offered. It will help you decide what type of roulette to play. Studying the platforms’ odds will make your game profitable. Do check what experts state about a particular fantasy platform. Compare and play!

  • Go For Inside Wager For Higher Payouts

    You must wager on the individual or group of numbers present inside the wheel. Players can choose split, straight-up wager, corner, six-line, or basket. The inside wagers pose higher risks with lower winning chances. You can always expect larger payouts if you win.

  • Choose Outside Wager To Lower Risk

    The outer corner or outer edge wagers are outside wagering. You can wager on odd/even, red/black, or a group of numbers. Beginners can try this outer wagering form to win a generous amount with lower risks. To understand the game mechanics, always practice.

Where To Play Online Roulette In India

Are you ready for a thrill and some fun?

Register with FUN88, a reputed and professional roulette gaming platform in India. It offers generous bonuses and promotions on this game. Play live dealer games by Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, etc. 

Get instant access to roulette versions of European, American, Lightning, Poker, etc. This platform offers fair and secure gameplay.

Here’s how you can register:

  • Visit FUN88 at

  • Click on the Register button on the top right

  • Fill in your personal and financial details

  • Provide the username and password

  • After verification, make a first deposit

  • Get a welcome bonus and start playing your favorite roulette version


Place Roulette Wagering On A Reputed Fantasy Platform!

Online roulette versions are popular among Indians. All of us like playing and winning lightning-fast amounts. If you are looking for a modern live dealer roulette table, register with FUN88. The generous bonuses, tournament offers, and 24x7 customer support will help you. Win great odds and returns on your wagers. Get set to try your roulette strategies.

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