How To Play Dragon Tiger: Guide And Tips To Win In 2024

Check out a step by step full guide on how to play dragon tiger, which includes strategy and winning tips in 2024.

How To Play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fun card game that is getting really popular! It is like a race, but with cards instead of runners. There are only 3 choices: Dragon, Tiger, or a tie.

While playing other games, you take turns and need to remember lots of rules. Dragon Tiger is simple, straightforward, and super fast. You just play one round with two cards! So, if you are busy and want to play a quick and easy game, Dragon Tiger is the best choice.

The game uses regular cards, so if you know how those work, you'll learn Dragon Tiger in a flash! Check out a step by step full guide on how to play dragon tiger, which includes strategy and winning tips in 2024.

History of Dragon Tiger Game

A long time ago, in places like Asia, there was a new game called Dragon Tiger. It was easy to learn and fun to play, so people liked it a lot! They could play it quickly in between other games.

Dragon Tiger became so popular that it spread to other countries nearby. Each place added its own special touches to the game. Because it was so simple, people could play it anywhere, even in high mountains or at town gatherings.

Then, computers came along and Dragon Tiger went online! Now everyone in the world could play this exciting game. You can even play with real people dealing the cards, which will give you more fun!

How Does Dragon Tiger Work?

Dragon Tiger is played with a standard 52-card deck, without Jokers. In this game, one card is for the Dragon position and one card is for the Tiger position. You can guess which pile, Dragon or Tiger, will get the higher card. Just like Go Fish, Aces are low and Kings are high!

The Dealing Process

The way Dragon Tiger works is super quick! Before the game starts, the person in charge looks at all the cards carefully. Then, they take two cards, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. Everyone gets to see the cards right away, so you know who wins in a flash!

Determining the Outcome

You show two cards like in a magic trick! The card with the bigger number wins the round. If both cards have the same number, the Tie stake wins. This makes the game super fast because you can just pick new cards right away!

House Edge and Fair Play

In Dragon Tiger, winning is a bit tricky! It's like playing a guessing game. There are different ways to guess, some are easier to win at than others.

Imagine guessing which side gets the higher card, Dragon or Tiger. That's the easiest guess! But if you guess something harder. For example, if both the cards are exactly the same, you might win more if you are right. But this happens in rare cases.

To make sure the game is fair, fancy machines pick the cards randomly, just like shaking a piggy bank to pick a winner! You can check the game to make sure it's always fun and played right.

How to Play?

  1. Choose your Stake: Decide how much you want to stake for the round. You can place your stakes on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

  2. Place your Stakes: Place your stakes on the chosen spot on the table. Some tables may offer additional bias options, which can be set now.

  3. Wait for the Deal: Everyone puts their chips down to show how much they want to play. Then, the dealer who runs the game deals one card face up for the Dragon side and one card face up for the Tiger side.

  4. Check the Results: We show our cards! The winner is the one with the bigger number. If both cards have the same number, nobody wins, and everyone gets their stuff back.

  5. Collect your Winnings: If you guess right, you win a prize! The bigger the chance you take, the bigger the prize you can win.

Dragon Tiger Rules

  • The King holds the highest value and the Aces hold the lowest. You win by drawing the higher-value card.

  • Dragon and Tiger wagers offer a 1:1 reward. If the cards are of equal rank, the Tie wager wins.

  • A Tie wager offers a 10:1 reward.

  • Return half of Dragon and Tiger’s claims to tie property.

  • Some games have secret things you're trying to guess - what cards will win, or if a card will be really good. You might also try to guess which color will be lucky!

Stakes, Rewards, & Probabilities

Dragon Tiger offers many wagering options. You get different winning chances and rewards:

  1. Dragon/Tiger: Wager on either Dragon or Tiger to have the higher card. The rewards for these stakes are usually 1:1.

  2. Tie: Wager on both positions receiving cards of the same rank. The reward for a Tie is often 8:1 or higher.

  3. Suit Stakes: Sometimes you can guess what kind of symbol (like hearts or diamonds) the winning card will have. If you guess right, you get a prize! But the prize depends on which symbol you guessed.

Dragon Tiger Stakes


How To Win

RTP/House Edge/Probability of Winning



The Dragon must be a higher-value card.

96.27% / 3.73% / 46.26%



The Tiger card must have a higher value.

96.27% / 3.73% / 46.26%



Dragon and Tiger have equal values

89.64% / 13.16% / 7.47%

The stake limits for each Dragon Tiger variation during gameplay differ. Here’s a list for stake understanding:

  • Dragon: Fun 0.50 to Fun 5,000

  • Tiger: Fun 0.50 to Fun 5,000

  • Tie: Fun 0.50 to Fun 500

Side stakes

Dragon Tiger also includes a variety of side wagers that adds excitement and additional winning opportunities for you:

  1. Suit Wager: Predict the suit of the Dragon or Tiger card. This type of stake usually has higher rewards.

  2. Big/Small Wager: Stake whether the winning card will be large (8-13) or small (Ace-6).

  3. Odd/Even Wager: Predict whether the winning card will be odd or even.

Dragon Tiger Side Stake


How To Win

RTP/House Edge/Probability

Big Tiger


The Tiger card’s value must be above 7.

92.31% / 7.69% / 46.15%

Small Tiger


The Tiger card’s value must be less than 7.

92.31% / 7.69% / 46.15%

Suited Tie


Dragon and Tiger must have the same value and suit.

86.02% / 13.98% / 1.68%

Big Dragon


The card value must be higher than 7.

92.31% / 7.69% / 46.15%

Small Dragon


Dragon card value comes to be below 7.

92.31% / 7.69% / 46.15%

Suit Dragon


The dragon card must have the suit you stake upon it. (value 7 will not count here)

92.31% / 7.69% / 23%

Suit Tiger


Tiger card possesses the suit you stake on. (7 value will not count here too).

92.31% / 7.69% / 23%

Red & Black





Dragon and tiger cards will have different colored suits.

96.27% / 3.73% / 23.10%

Two Black


Dragon and Tiger cards will get the black suits.

96.27% / 3.73% / 23.10%

Two Red


Dragon and Tiger will get the red suits.

96.27% / 3.73% / 23.10%

The stake limit for the following is available for players to review.

  • Dragon/Tiger Red: Fun 0.50 to Fun 2,500

  • Dragon/Tiger Black: Fun 0.50 to Fun 2,500

  • Dragon/Tiger Small: Fun 0.50 to Fun 2,500

  • Dragon/Tiger Big: Fun 0.50 to Fun 2,500

Winning Strategies of Dragon Tiger Card Game

You can't win every time you play games online, not even Dragon Tiger! But that's okay, here are some fun tips to help you play it better!

  • Avoid Wager Progression Systems: Experts say that Martingale or Fibonacci is not a good idea. These special ways might make you think you can get your money back if you lose. But, they can actually make you lose all your money very fast!  

  • Track Frequently Dealt Suits: Pay attention to the suits that have appeared most often. Also, consider wagering on suits that haven’t been handled very often. This method may give you a slight edge, but remember it is not foolproof.

  • Card Counting (Optional): Experienced players try to keep track of high and low card play. But fast shuffling techniques are used. So, this strategy is challenging for the beginners. Instead, just focus on your observation skills and that will help you to improve tracking of your cards.

  • Target High Cards (at your own risk): You can choose the high card game (Dragon or Tiger) if you think you're good at guessing. But remember, this is a trickier game! You might lose all your wager, or you might only lose half if it is a tie. It's your choice!

  • Minimize Tie Stakes: Choosing "tie" sounds super cool because you win a lot of prizes, like 8 or even 11 times more than you wager! But here's the tricky part: To win "tie" is very hard (just around 13.16%). There are only a few chances to win "tie" (around 2,600 compared to 86,000 total possibilities). 

Where To Play Dragon Tiger

Enjoy Dragon Tiger anytime, anywhere on one of the trusted online gaming platform FUN88. Register with a few clicks and you are ready to play the game.

  • Visit FUN88 at

  • Register yourself by creating an account. If you are already a member, just sign in with your credentials.

  • Go to the Live Gaming section and search for “Dragon Tiger.”

  • Place your initial wager and kickstart your gaming journey.

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How does the Dragon Tiger game work?

It is a fast game where you stake on which side (Dragon or Tiger) will get the higher card. Just one card is played on each side, Dragon and Tiger. The higher card wins! If both cards are of the same value, it is a tie.

What is the trick to win Dragon Tiger?

There is no magic trick to this game! It is all about thinking for yourself. Some players might try to guess what will happen next. But that is like a guessing game and no one knows for sure. The best way to win Dragon Tiger is to pretend each round as a brand new and choose your guess based on what really makes sense.

How much can you win on Dragon Tiger?

In Dragon Tiger, you can win tenfold. Each player will receive half of the winnings your card is higher.

What is Dragon Tiger’s RTP?

The RTP of Dragon Tiger is 96.27%. It means you will get a good return if you win the game. 

What is the rank in the Dragon Tiger?

In Dragon Tiger, the cards are like in other games! Just like counting your fingers, the cards go up in value. Ace is like number 1, the lowest. Then the cards go up in order, like 2, 3, 4, all the way to King, which is the strongest! If both sides get the same card, it is a tie and nobody wins.

How likely is it to win in Dragon Tiger?

It's kind of tricky! There are many cards, like 52 in total, and some cards make Dragon win, some make Tiger win, and sometimes it is a tie (but that's not very common!). It is a fun game, but just remember winning isn't always easy!

  • Dragon win: Imagine 25 out of 52 cards can make Dragon win, kind of like picking a high number.

  • Tiger win: There are a few more winning cards for Tiger, like 27 out of 52.

It's important to remember that ties happen rarely, so most of the time, it is like picking between Dragon and Tiger.

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