How To Play Crazy Time: Guide And Tips To Win In 2024

In this fresh article of 2024 we will walk you through the guide of how to play crazy time, how it works and how you can win by learning strategies that are shared here.

How To Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a fun game show with a prize wheel. There are numbers on the wheel and special places to land. When you play online, place a wager on your chosen spot. Just like Dream Catcher, when the wheel stops, you win something depending on where it lands.

Crazy Time also has 4 bonus games - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. These are like mini-games with surprises. Here you might shoot, drop, flip a coin, or spin another giant wheel.

The live hosts are playful, and the whole game keeps you guessing. You will feel it a unique game with exciting bonus rounds.

In this fresh article of 2024 we will walk you through the guide of how to play crazy time, how it works and how you can win by learning strategies that are shared here.

Crazy Time Game History & its Popularity in India

Crazy Time is an entertaining game show, just like a game you see on TV. It became famous in 2020 and people in India started playing it due to these reasons:

  • It is easy to play, as you play board games with your friends.

  • It has bright and colorful graphics.

  • You can win BIG prizes in special bonus games!

More and more people in India are playing Crazy Time because it's so much fun. You can even play it on your phone or tablet, just like you play other games!

How to Play Evolution's Crazy Time?

Imagine a game where you have to pick a spot on a colorful wheel. The wheel has numbers (like 1, 2, 5, and 10) and some special bonus surprises. You can wager on the numbers or the surprises. Once you have placed all wagers, the host spins the wheel. With the main wheel, a small wheel Top Slot also spins, making your wins even bigger.

If the wheel lands on your number, you win. And if that number had a special boost from the small wheel, you win even more.

The special surprises take you to fun bonus games:

  • Cash Hunt: Players aim at options to win rewards.

  • Pachinko: A disc falls on a wall and bounces among multipliers.

  • Coin Flip: A coin toss determines the multiplier.

  • Crazy Time: A big wheel with big prizes is spun.

This is an entertaining and a game of chance for everyone, whether you are new to games or already a pro.

Top Tips for Crazy Time

Here's a quick guide to get you started and maximize your fun and wins: 

Tip 1: Baby Steps Make Big Wins

Start slow! Initially, place small stakes into the wagering pot. This way, it will be like a warm-up before you start playing for bigger value. 

Tip 2: Spread the Love (and Your Wagers)

Once you are comfortable playing this game, you can try putting your wagers on different parts of the wheel. This way, you have a good chance of picking the right number and even winning bonus rounds! Some numbers, like number 1, come up more often. While others, like a special bonus round called Crazy Time, come up very less. Remember to spread your wager around so you do not suffer losses.

Tip 3: Know Your Odds (Like a Pro)

The probability of winning each wager is different. For example, number 1 would mean winning a small prize. However, Crazy Time can give you BIG VALUE with the help of those crazy multipliers. 

Tip 4: Multipliers

Do you see the second circle spinning fast? Those are special numbers that can make you win even more. Here is the trick: pick a number you like to win on, then choose one of those special numbers too. If you win, those special numbers will make your prize jump very high. Remember, these special numbers are your secret weapon to win more.

Tip 5: Play it Safe

Always set your limit on how much you want to wager. Thus, you do not have to end the fun, but at the same time, you do not have to empty your pocket, too.

Crazy Time Strategies

Crazy Time is like a super fun game show with a giant prize wheel. It is exciting with surprises and chances to win a LOT. But how do you make the game super fun for you? Here are some strategies from playing safe to being a brave gamer.

  • Bonus Selection: Everyone loves bonus rounds in Crazy Time, just like getting a surprise! Only wager on four bonus games: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. But remember, winning any bonus game is a bit like a lucky guess, some happen more often than others. Coin Flip shows up a lot (4 segments on the wheel), while Crazy Time is the rarest (1 segment). Remember the other tips we talked about to pick your bonus games and have more fun winning.

  • Selection of Numbers: This spinner game has special squares and regular squares. The regular squares are like your friends: 1, 2, 5, and 10! They show up more often than the special squares. This means you have a better chance of landing on them and winning a prize. So, keep your eye on those familiar numbers.  

  • Crazy Time Martingale: In this strategy, pick how much you want to wager. If you lose, wager on the same thing again, but double your wager value. The idea is that when you finally win, you'll get back all the wagering value you lost before. But be careful! This can be risky, so only play in this way if you know what you are doing.

  • All In: Feeling confused about picking numbers? You can try picking all the numbers on the wheel. It is like putting different values on every number! So, whenever the wheel spins, you have a good chance of winning something. Moreover, you will always get to play the bonus games, which are very exciting. You can even change how many wagers you put on each number, depending on the game you are playing. 

  • The Matchmaker: This strategy is like the wager value of the number and the odds of each number. For example, number 1 will have a winning value ratio of 1:1, number 2 will have a winning value ratio of 2:1, and so on. This means more risk with winning value when landing on high-valued numbers like 5 or 10.

How to Win Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a guessing  game show you can watch live, with a real person hosting it. There is a giant spinning wheel with eight spots to choose from. You pick a spot you think it will land on, and if it does, you win! The more wager the spot has, the more you win.

Wagering Options

  • 1 Space: This is the surest wager next to the small bet, which occurs 21 times on the wheel. It offers the lowest reward ratio of 1:1. 

  • 10 Space: This is the last of the wagers placed on a numbered choice. It comes only four times on t–he wheel and has a reward ratio 10:1. 

Multipliers and Bonus Games

Every time you play, there's a fun surprise. After each spin, a special wheel appears with 8 spaces. Then, another small wheel spins and lands on one of those spaces. That space has a number on it, and that number makes your winnings even bigger! It is like finding a prize after you already won a game. If you land on a bonus game space, the number makes the prizes even bigger. 

Crazy Time Wheel & Segments 

In Crazy Time, the rewarding wheel is a large. A live game presenter control this attractive wheel. It is one of the focal parts of the game's fun.

Wheel Structure

  • Segments: Each sector is divided into 54 equal parts. You can easily differentiate it with the possible outcomes. 

  • Numbered Segments: These segments are numbered 1, 2, 5, and 10, with different colors. For instance, the color blue means one, while the color yellow means two. 

Winning Multipliers 

  • Number 1: When the wheel stops at number one, the stake put by the player is brought back to one. 

  • Number 2: In number 2, the wager value is doubled. This state occurs when landing on the symbol. 

  • Number 5: 5 is a winner that multiplies the stake by 5 times its value. 

  • Number 10: It is highest multiplier on the numbered segments multiplies. The stake is the same number 10.

Crazy Time 4 Bonus Rounds

  1. Cash Hunt

    In Cash Hunt, you'll see a big board with squares like a checkerboard. There are 108 squares, and under each one is a hidden prize!

    You and other players get to shoot a little cannon to pick a square. Once everyone picks, we'll see what surprise is hiding underneath. Some squares have bigger prizes than others. But everyone has a good chance of winning in this exciting game.

  2. Pachinko

    Pachinko in Crazy Time is like the normal Japanese variation. It is a big board with lots of holes at the bottom. Each hole has a different multiplier on it.

    A disc is placed at the top and falls through the pegs; at the end, it lands into one of the cups. The multipliers are from 2 to 10,000. There is a large possibility of winning because of the multipliers' size. 

  3. Coin Flip

    This is a very basic but exciting bonus game. Through this game, you get a multiplier by flipping a virtual coin. The coin thus has two faces characterized by different multiplier values. Once you place the bets, a coin is tossed. If the heads comes up, the number of players on the head's side of the coin is added to the winnings. If tails comes, the number on the tail side is added. This is a quick round. Based on luck, you have a fun time waiting for the head to turn up, courtesy of a coin.

  4. Crazy Time

    This bonus round starts if the wheel lands on the silly Joker picture. Then, a giant new wheel appears with different prize spots. You get to guess (or the host helps!) which spot the wheel will land on. There are prizes with numbers that make you win more (like 2 times more or even 25 times more!), and some spots have special pictures that can give you even bigger prizes!

Crazy Time RTP, Odds, Probability, & Max Win 

Understand the Return to Player (RTP), odds, probability, and maximum win. It will help you make informed decisions. 

Return to Player (RTP): The theoretical RTP of Crazy Time is about 95% to 96%. It means players receive 95% to 96% of the total wagers.

Odds and Probability: All segments on the Crazy Time wheel are distinct. They have different chances of winning and probabilities.




Approximately 95% to 96%

Numbered Segments

1 2 (Higher probability lower winning)

5 10 (Lower probability higher winning)

Bonus Round Odds

Dependent on segment frequency on the wheel

Maximum Win

Variable substantial during Crazy Time bonus round

Where To Play Crazy Time in India?

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  3. Verify your account via email or SMS.

  4. Go to the Live Games section, select “Crazy Time.”

  5. Make an initial wager using one of the available methods and start playing this game of chance.

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How do you play Crazy Time wheel?

Wager on the numbered blocks or bonus rounds on the wheel to create a crazy time. After wagering, a live host spins the wheel. You win according to odds if the clue lands on your chosen block or bonus round.

What is the trick to winning Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a random game, so there is no guaranteed way to win. But, it’s okay. All you can do is to understand the game, play smartly, and have fun. 

What is the best time to play Crazy Time?

The best time to play Crazy Time is subjective. Play when you feel comfortable and focused. The game's outcome is random, so there is no specific time to play.

How does Cash Hunt work?

In Cash Hunt, players point to symbols on a grid, each hiding a prize reward. The missile then fires at the selected marker to reveal the number of prizes. It will allow you to win based on the selected marker.

What is special about Evolution Crazy Time?

Crazy Time stands out for its dynamic gameplay, interactive elements, and bonus rounds. It combines entertainment with the thrill of gaming, appealing to a wide range of players.

What is the RTP of the Crazy Time game?

The RTP (return to player) for Crazy Time typically ranges from 95% to 96%. It refers to the average percentage of bets returned to players over time.

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