Will Crypto Markets Turn Bullish In July? Add These Tokens To Your Portfolio For Explosive Returns

The crypto market is going through some bearish conditions but we think that will change soon. These are the tokens to buy for a bullish July.

Will Crypto Markets Turn Bullish In July? Add These Tokens To Your Portfolio For Explosive Returns

The crypto market is currently going through a little bearish patch. However, as 2024 has mostly been good times for crypto investors it seems these conditions are nothing like previous years. While most major tokens have lost a little value it has already started to stagnate and some are already looking ahead to a potential bull run in July.

During conditions like this, the best thing a savvy investor can do is turn to the presale market. The crypto market is a lot of things but you can never call it predictable. So, while we are hopeful for July being better we cannot be sure. This is where investing in presales is perfect because firstly, your investment is insulated until listings begin and secondly, the low prices mean it is a low-risk strategy.

We found eight presales tokens that we expect to launch later this month or in July that have explosive potential. The main factor you will see pop up over and over again is innovation. These tokens all have something that makes them unique and will attract investors. Here are the projects:

  • PlayDoge ($PLAY)

  • Sealana ($SEAL)

  • WienerAI ($WAI)

  • Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ)

  • Mega Dice Token ($DICE)

  • 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC)

  • eTukTuk ($TUK)

  • Insanity Bets ($IBET)

We will now take a look at each project and explain why we think every investor should be considering adding them to their portfolio.

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PlayDoge- The presale hard cap says everything you need to know about this pup

We love it when a project shows ambition and believes in its own product and the creators of PlayDoge ($PLAY) certainly fall under this banner. The presale began less than three weeks ago but has already raised over $4.6 million. This is very impressive but then when you see the hard cap has been set at $24 million (!) you can understand that this project has its eyes set on big things.

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been performing poorly for over a year now and we think PlayDoge is aiming to topple the number one meme coin. The pup at the center of their ecosystem is like DOGE but that is where the similarities end. PlayDoge is centered around a P2E game that is inspired by the 90s classic Tamagotchi.

We are sure nostalgia will fuel a lot of investment in this coin as 90s kids look to take part in a similar game to the one that took over their childhoods. Players will have to feed their pup, entertain it, and give it medicine when it's sick. They can earn $PLAY by ranking high enough on the global leaderboard.

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Sealana- Just over a week before Solana’s new stars presale ends

Solana has been having a hell of a 2024 and most of that has been driven by the meme coins coming out of its network. Once written off as a failed experiment, Solana is now thriving and is the most popular network among investors. Sealana ($SEAL) is a new meme coin that looks like it is going to help Solana hit highs it hasn’t since 2021.

The presale for Sealana has just over a week left to run and it has already raised north of $4 million. We would encourage investors to take a good long look at this one as we think it has the perfect meme to attract investors. It actually originates from an episode of South Park called ‘Make Love Not Warcraft’ and turns out to be a very funny joke that takes aim at crypto bros.

In the episode in question, the main characters complain to the creators of World of Warcraft because another player keeps defeating their game characters. The joke is only someone with no life could be this could at the game. Sealana is a seal version of this character but instead, he trades crypto. We know meme coin investors love a joke so we think they will appreciate this one.

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WienerAI- A meme coin that uses AI to fuel utility and an origin story

The Wiener AI presale is a very interesting one as it started off at quite a slow pace and now has the momentum of a runaway train. This can happen with some coins where people don’t realize how good they are until whales or crypto media bring attention to them. The presale has now surpassed $5.9 million raised having only seen half that amount raised less than two weeks ago.

So why are people suddenly flocking to this meme coin? Well, we love the use of AI throughout the project, including adding lore to the actual WienerAI meme. However, we are guessing the recent announcement that the coin will have AI trading capabilities has helped to attract a lot of investors thanks to the utility that adds.

The story of the meme is great too. We take a trip to the future to a place called New Silicon Valley where we meet a famous scientist known as The Architecht. He is devising an experiment to combine AI and pups but at the crucial moment he accidentally drops a sausage into the mix and we are left with Wiener AI. We think this story coupled with the utility is the perfect combo.

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Base Dawgz- Share this daredevil dawg on social media to earn big

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is the newest presale token on this list but you can see the quality of the token by how fast they are selling their presale allocation. Already it has surpassed $1.3 million as investors all seem to want a piece of this dare-devil pup.

We think once you visit the presale site it will be hard not to invest in this token as immediately you are met with the pup at the center of this ecosystem base jumping from the top of the page all the way with you as you scroll down. Base Dawgz is a multi-chain token so while its home is Base, it will also be available on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX. A coin that is built for today's market and tomorrow.

What we are most intrigued by is the share-to-earn system that has been set up for the Base Dawgz presale. Investors who purchase their tokens just have to copy a link and share it on their social media and they can earn 5% of every referral. This is a great way to increase virality but also to reward investors.

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Mega Dice Token- The crypto casino with over 50k players

If we are to look at the crypto industry as a whole we would have to say one of the most successful areas has been crypto casinos. They have distinct advantages over regular online casinos thanks to the fast processing speeds but they still are playing second fiddle to traditional versions. Mega Dice Token ($DICE) could be the first crypto casino to really become mainstream.

The reason for this is that it already has an established market with over 50k players signed up to the site. Now, with the $DICE token, players will be able to receive rewards depending on the casino's performance. Given there are already over 4k games on the site we think this will prove profitable. The presale has just hit the $1.5 million raised mark.

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99Bitcoins Token- Earn crypto while also improving your knowledge

We are very excited about the 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) presale not just because of the actual token but because of the people behind the project. 99Bitcoins, originally a site that was set up to help people buy Bitcoin via PayPal, is now the largest crypto-learning platform. They have sold over 2 million courses and have over 750k YouTube subscribers.

Now they are releasing their first token. They have seen the success of models like play-to-earn and have decided to opt for a learn-to-earn system so they are sticking to what they know best. Investors can earn $99BTC by learning the curriculum materials and passing tests. A win-win for investors. The presale has just surpassed $2.2 million raised and we think that number will continue to grow rapidly.

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eTukTuk- This green cryptos presale has just hit $3.5 million raised

Green crypto projects are bound to get more and more popular with crypto investors as time goes on and eTukTuk ($TUK) is likely going to be the first choice for many. The project, which also doubles as a P2E game has just managed to hit $3.5 million raised. The main aim of the project is to replace the enviromentally harmful tuc-tuc vehicles in developing countries with EV versions.

They have already made an agreement with the Shr Lankan government and more is to come. The EV vehicles will save the drivers lots overtime so there is no fear around adaptation. The drivers will pay to charge using the $TUK tokens which will sustain the ecosystem. Investors will also love the game where you get to sim what its like being a driver and deliver people to their destination as quick as possible.

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Insanity Bets- The crypto casino with huge plans to reward investors

We mentioned already how successful the crypto industry has been and thats why two tokens have made this list. Insanity bets ($IBET) will be another casino with lots of great gaming options for players but what they do best is rewarding investors.

If you purchase tokens and then stake said tokens investors can gain 35% of ILP fees, game winner fees, and trading fees. If you burn your tokens that amount increases to 50%. For those that really want a seat at the casino revenue table they can mint their own $ILP to receive a massive 90% of all wins and losses from player bets.


That brings and end to our analysis of the best tokens to add to your portfolio for explosive returns. We think that the market will turn bullish sooner rather than later and these are the presale coins that investors should have in their wallet before that happens.