Metaplanet Makes Massive Bet On Bitcoin, Investing $250 Million In The Leading Cryptocurrency - 5 Coins Ready To Skyrocket

With its historic $250 million investment in Bitcoin, the investment firm Metaplanet has created waves and shown strong support for Bitcoin’s potential.

Angry Pepe Fork
Metaplanet Makes Massive Bet On Bitcoin, Investing $250 Million In The Leading Cryptocurrency - 5 Coins Ready To Skyrocket

This significant investment shows that Metaplanet believes Bitcoin will continue to be a major asset in the financial system. Meanwhile, the defi market has seen inflows of fresh tokens such as Angry Pepe Fork which has been identified together with Bitcoin, Ripple, Cardano, and Stellar as coins ready to skyrocket.

Angry Pepe Fork Tops The DeFi Crypto List

One of the leading coins that made its way onto the top defi crypto list is Angry Pepe Fork as a result of a significant interest from whales. This Solana-based project might be of interest to you if you missed out during the initial surge of the native Pepe Coin or if you are an Angry Pepe Frog fan. Among other coins in the defi market, Angry Pepe Fork stands out thanks to its "Conquer To Earn" mechanism which gives holders rewards for conquering zombie memecoins.

APORK’s ecosystem uses scarcity—a fixed total supply of 1.9 billion tokens—to guarantee value appreciation. Moreover, individuals receive APORK tokens as compensation for exhibiting their bravery and skill in combat and rising to the rank of highly decorated APORK community members. The fact that the staking dApp will be available during presale makes it even more special. Essentially, the staking portal will allow the APORK army to collectively earn.

The APY in the staking pool rises with each conquered meme coin as the APORK army battles to take over zombie meme coins and wreak havoc on the blockchain. In the meantime, APORK is the native token of the Angry Pepe Fork ecosystem. At the beginning of the presale, it is offered for $0.014 per token.

Through the Conquer to Earn quest and the staking option, holders of APORK tokens can earn additional rewards. Analysts predict widespread adoption due to the distinctive staking ecosystem. As a result, they predict a 500% increase upon exchange listing and a 300% rally during the presale. With the planned collaborations, APORK has every chance to rank among the top coins in 2024.

Bitcoin Trading Volume Rises

Investors in cryptocurrencies are closely examining a prominent trading company's most recent assessment as the Bitcoin price dips before the Fed meeting. After approaching $72,000, the Bitcoin price has now dropped below $67,000, breaking through the crucial $68,500 support level, which has caused concerns.

The price decline of Bitcoin, especially during Federal Reserve weeks, is not unusual. Meanwhile, the 24-hour Bitcoin trading volume has surged remarkably by over 100% currently above $34 billion. Amidst increasing market pessimism, investors have become more cautious as Bitcoin faces the possibility of dropping to $63,000.

Ripple Trading Volume Surges

In an effort to spread awareness of the Ripple (XRP) Ledger in South Korea and Japan, the Ripple blockchain has launched a new fund. With this calculated move, the Ripple blockchain company based in San Francisco hopes to stimulate growth and innovation in these important markets by utilizing its substantial financial resources. For this project, Ripple has drawn from its 1 billion Ripple (XRP) war chest.

This fund, which was first committed in April to a number of Ripple projects, will now allocate tens of millions of dollars over time to developer grants, investments, and comparative partnerships. Emi Youshikawa, a Ripple executive, reaffirmed the strong support meant to propel the XRP Leder's uptake and usefulness in these areas. Meanwhile, the 24-hour Ripple trading volume has surged by about 51% and is above $1.38 billion.

Cardano Price Prepares For A Rally

The most important milestone for the open-source Cardano network since its founding is almost here: it will turn into a fully decentralized network with a sophisticated governance structure. The network's creator, Charles Hoskinson, stated in an X post that this month will see Cardano Node reach version 9.0, ushering in the blockchain's next development phase, Voltaire.

According to Hoskinson, Cardano is prepared for the Chang fork and is awaiting the installation of the new node by 70% of its stake pool operators (SPOs). The Cardano network will then experience a hard fork, ushering in the Age of Voltaire. Meanwhile, amid this, the Cardano price is still trading below the $0.5 mark but holders anticipate a rally soon.

Stellar Price Prediction

A recent Stellar price prediction indicates that by July 11, 2024, the Stellar price will have increased by 5.90% to $0.104. Technical indicators show that the sentiment is currently bearish. Over the previous 30 days, Stellar had 13/30 (43%) green days and 3.05% price volatility. The projected annual low Stellar price for 2025 is $0.08.

This estimate is based on past Stellar price fluctuations and BTC halving cycles. It is anticipated that Stellar's price will soar to as much as $0.527 in the upcoming year. As of right now, the projected price range for Stellar in 2025 is $0.08 on the low end and $ 0.527 on the high end. If Stellar hits the higher price target, Stellar could increase in value by 441.51% by 2025 compared to its current price.

DeFi's Future: Suitably Expansive

With multiple patterns and advancements suggesting ongoing expansion, the DeFi market appears to have a bright future and for these reasons, Angry Pepe Fork is predicted to hit $1 in the coming months:


Adoption Instituted

Drawn by the high yields and cutting-edge financial products, institutional investors are starting to investigate DeFi. This money inflow might propel legitimacy and growth even further.


Improving the interoperability of several blockchain networks will facilitate smooth asset transfers and communication between DeFi protocols, thus promoting a more cohesive ecosystem.

Connecting to Conventional Finance

Opening up the gap between DeFi and traditional finance could lead to fresh chances for inclusion and innovation in the financial sector. Integrations and partnerships will probably become more typical as the industry develops.