Meme Coin Market Dips Below $35B - Emerging Projects Now In Focus

Despite the meme coin market dip, new emerging projects show massive market potential. Read more about Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, and Shiba Shootout.

Pepe Unchained
Meme Coin Market Dips Below $35B - Emerging Projects Now In Focus

After a period of massive success, the meme coin market faced a gigantic dip when its market cap went below the critical $50B. The meme coin market has struggled to reach this level for a while, with its market cap being lower than $35 billion.

Despite the dip, there is a massive interest in meme presales. Emerging projects like Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, and Shiba Shootout are new names experts consider game-changers in the industry.

The meme coin market struggles

The meme coin market has always been volatile, depending on celebrity endorsements, speculative trading, and social media trends. The fall below $50 billion in market cap raised many investor concerns. Reasons for the market cap dip can be found in market saturation, regulatory uncertainties, and investors' shift towards more stable assets.

Despite the dip, meme coins are rallying. Bonk, Dogwifhat, Brett, and Pepe Coin have all been up. On July 6th, these projects recorded a 15% price increase, followed by Bitcoin's rise.

Also, there is a massive interest in meme coin presales. Emerging projects like Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, and Shiba Shootout show there is still interest and potential in the sector. These presales offer you a chance to invest in promising projects at a lower price and earn massive ROI.

Pepe Unchained is the best new meme project!

According to the experts, Pepe Unchained could be the next best Pepe coin. The project offers a new addition to the Pepe memes ecosystem. Pepe Unchained utilizes a Layer 2 blockchain that provides speed, security, and cost-effectiveness. Pepe Unchained takes Pepe memes to a new level, introducing the blockchain that makes Pepe Unchained the first Pepe coin with its blockchain. Pepe Unchained bridges with Ethereum, providing minimal fees, quicker transactions (100x faster than Ethereum), and a specialized block explorer.

The main goal of Pepe Unchained is to free Pepe from traditional Layer 1 limitations, ensuring unmatched speed and efficiency. Additionally, Pepe Unchained distributes passive rewards to investors who stake their $PEPU coins. The current staking rewards are 714%.

Pepe Unchained is on presale, having amassed over $2.7 million in funds. The project's price will rise soon, so invest in $PEPU now! Experts say Pepe Unchained is the fastest-growing meme coin. So, what do you wait for? This is your chance to get massive rewards!

WienerAI is the emerging new AI project


WienerAI combines memes and AI into a project that shows massive potential. The project features an intuitive, beginner-friendly, and predictive AI-trading bot. The chatbot, still in development and soon to launch, helps investors spot the best trading opportunities and supports zero-fee trading. Thanks to these, WienerAI enhances your trading results, offering a competitive market advantage and profit opportunities. Additionally, WienerAI supports passive income through staking, providing an APY of 158%.

Based on the success of similar projects, WienerAI is on a path to major success. The combination of AI and memes gives this emerging project a chance for massive success. Past initiatives with similar mixes have achieved great success, making analysts predict a bright future for $WAI.

Predictions for WienerAI price suggest that $WAI could hit $0.002 by 2024, $0.003 by 2025, and $0.004 by 2030. Experts view WienerAI as a potential 100x AI presale crypto gem. This meme coin presale has already collected over $7.2 million in funding. WienerAI will soon progress to the next presale phase, so invest before this chance expires.

PlayDoge could be the best P2E meme coin


With its distinct features, PlayDoge redefines Web3 gaming by combining cryptocurrency, staking, and engaging gameplay. This new multichain meme project revitalizes the virtual pet craze by turning the classic Tamagotchi into a digital pet game. PlayDoge takes Tamagotchi to a new level with advanced graphics, touchscreen capabilities, direct pet interactions, and blockchain technology.

Investors earn tokens by playing the game and caring for their pets. The more you look after your pet, the more tokens you earn. The activities include feeding, training, entertaining, and resting. If you play the game via the app, you climb the leaderboard, boosting your chances of winning extra rewards and tokens. Players can also stake $PLAY tokens for a 105% APY and get a terrific source of passive income.

PlayDoge is currently in its presale, having raised over $5.5 million. PlayDoge is advancing swiftly through its presale, showing considerable potential for future growth. Jacob Bury suggests PlayDoge could be the next 10x potential cryptocurrency, thanks to its blend of meme and P2E.

If you're interested in this meme coin presale, act fast. The presale will soon move to the next phase, and $PLAY's price will increase!

Shiba Shootout will be the top Shiba meme coin

Shiba Shootout is where Wild West spirit meets crypto frontier, bringing the legend of Shiba Showdown. This high-stakes battle, set in the heart of the Wild West, is a mix of creativity, wit, and cowboy charm.

The Shiba Shootout Play 2 Earn game has been created and signed off by both Google and Apple Store and will be live in the coming days. The project investors can engage in high-stakes battles that promise massive rewards. You can also test your luck in the Lucky Lasso Lottery and use Shiba Showdown tokens for a chance to win big crypto prizes. The portion of these rewards also supports charitable initiatives.

Early investors also have a chance for high staking rewards, currently at 1901%. Further, all buyers can refer projects to a friend and earn a referral bonus. For every new member who joins, you and your friend earn rewards. The bigger your posse, the greater the rewards.


Another feature of this emerging project is Token Governance Roundups, allowing investors to vote on key project decisions. The feature mimics Wild West town citizenry participation.

Thanks to its unique theme, engaging community events, and a clear roadmap towards sustainability and utility, Shiba Shootout aims to stand out on the market. The project is on presale, having raised over $570k in funding. If you want to invest, hurry. The project will increase its price soon!

Final words. What are the best new emerging projects?

The meme coin sector remains a vibrant hub of activity despite recent downturns. While the market cap has dipped below $35 billion, the interest around meme coin presales highlights an interest in novel and innovative projects.


Emerging projects like Pepe Unchained, WienerAI, PlayDoge, and Shiba Shootout not only infuse fresh vitality into the meme coin ecosystem but also offer investors opportunities for significant returns. They leverage unique themes, advanced technology, and engaging community activities, positioning themselves as potential leaders in the next wave of meme coin evolution.