Legendary Investor Mike Novogratz Tips Bitcoin To Hit $100k - 5 Cryptos That Can Pump With BTC

When public figures like Mike Novogratz gave a daunting verdict on tokens, the market usually analyzed the verdict and gave the viability of their opinion. With Bitcoin's large market share, the token could reach $100k as predicted by Novogratz.

Angry Pepe Fork

Mike Novogratz, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Galaxy Digital has tipped Bitcoin to reach an all-time high of $100k in 2024. In an interview with Bloomberg, Novogratz asserts that the growing optimism surrounding crypto adoption in the US can be a great advantage for the Bitcoin surge. He also pointed to the recent approval of both the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF as huge trends that can make Bitcoin go that far. In light of this assertion by Novogratz, here are the top cryptos to invest in that can give such a huge rise.

5 Top Cryptos That Surge Higher in 2024

  • Angry Pepe Fork - Standing Tall Among Top Cryptos

  • Galaxy Digital CEO Makes Bitcoin Price Predictions

  • Arbitrum - An Exemplary Layer 2 Blockchain

  • Tron Wins Big, Crosses $0.1

  • Litecoin Token - Securing A Fast and Secure Blockchain Payment

Angry Pepe Fork - Standing Tall Among Top Cryptos

Angry Pepe Fork is an newest addition to the crypto market, making headlines due to its utility features. The platform brands itself as a revolutionary meme coin ready to battle and fight rebels and renegades. It also allows users to collectively conquer the zombie meme coin and dislodge many meme coins on their way to the top.

Through its conquer-to-earn model, users earn huge benefits by displaying their skills and fighting prowess. As a reward, users earn free tokens and can become highly valued members of the Angry Pepe Fork community. Another enticing Angry Pepe Fork utility is the staking option which can be explored in the presale. With investors earning a huge APY reward, Angry Pepe Fork is one of the best cryptos that can follow Bitcoin's bullish projection.

For new investors, the APORK native token can be purchased at $0.014. With the platform also in talks with potential partners to incorporate more utilities, this price is a bargain and makes Angry Pepe Fork one of the best crypto investments. As gathered from reliable sources, analysts are already predicting a massive 250% rally for APORK by the end of the presale and 350% by listing at exchanges.

Galaxy Digital CEO Makes Bitcoin Price Predictions

In an audacious move on June 4, 2024, Legendary trader and the CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz made a bullish Bitcoin price prediction that may see the token reach $100k. Novogratz mentioned key events that may push Bitcoin price up to this level. Some of the events mentioned include the recent favorable disposition of US political policies to digital assets and the quest by some US political candidates to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

Novogratz maintained that the recent success of both Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF approval by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a pointer to the upward trajectory Bitcoin is set to face. Furthermore, Novogratz cited the open support of Donald Trump for cryptocurrency as a huge effect that may raise the value of Bitcoin to this price in 2024.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin's performance in recent times has been electrifying as it briefly touched $70k in March 2024. In the past month, the Bitcoin price has moved up by 10% with the Bitcoin market cap also going past $1.3 trillion. With such predictions from public figures like Novogratz, the second-largest cryptocurrency by trading volume can go all the way to $100k in 2024.

Arbitrum Network - An Exemplary Layer 2 Blockchain

Arbitrum is a leading Ethereum scaling solution, solving key issues of scalability and extremely high gas fees. As an alternative, users prefer to use Arbitrum, leveraging its faster network and low transaction fees. Among its competitors, Arbitrum holds the largest market share with its DAO accounting for more than $3 billion in market share. With the Arbitrum network also holding about $3.982 billion DeFi treasury, Arbitrum is one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy.

However, Arbitrum appears to have been hit by the bear pressure after losing by 7% in the past month. Including the Arbitrum market cap which has slumped below $3 billion, Arbitrum bulls may have to do more to stage a comeback. Looking at the technical charts, the bears are in full control with the Fear and Greed Index value of 76 (Extreme Greed), which is the only positive takeaway. As the market continues to recover, the Arbitrum price may rise to $1 soon.

Tron Token Wins Big, Crosses $0.1

Developed by the Tron Foundation in 2017, Tron is a decentralized blockchain providing the right of ownership to digital creators. The token achieved its highest value a long time ago having climbed to $0.3 in 2018. However, Tron has been a hit or miss with the bulls and the bears pulling efforts to take control of the token direction. In the past year, Tron gained by 69% but has plummeted by 7% in the past month.

On the flip side, Tron's market cap has risen extremely in the past few weeks, going past $10 billion. This has led to the Tron price going above $0.1. With Tron surpassing even Ethereum in USDT market circulation having held $58.6 billion as against $50.96 of Ethereum, the Tron network is a promising blockchain that is gaining traction. As such, Tron is one of the best cryptos to buy in anticipation of a bullish surge.

Litecoin Token - Securing A Fast and Secure Blockchain Payment

Litecoin is another utility token that can follow the trends of Bitcoin. Litecoin is regarded as the lightweight version of Bitcoin, providing a safe, secure, and low-cost payment for users. Released in 2011, Litecoin followed a bullish pattern in 2021 when it reached its highest value of $412. However, the token has struggled to replicate the feat, getting defeated by the bear market on the year-to-date chart.

Additionally, Litecoin's market cap has declined lately, struggling to climb the $6 billion mark. However, Santiment reported that the number of unique addresses interacting on the network in the past week has risen to 704k. With this voluminous traction, the token may bounce back and hit $100 in the year.


When public figures like Mike Novogratz gave a daunting verdict on tokens, the market usually analyzed the verdict and gave the viability of their opinion. With Bitcoin's large market share, the token could reach $100k as predicted by Novogratz. While the other tokens may not rise as much as Bitcoin, they are also set for a huge rise in 2024. However, investors are urged to do their research before delivering on each of these investments to avoid loss of funds.