Inside BlockDAG's $49.2 Million Presale Success: Leading Over Chainlink & Quant As 2024's Best Bet

Explore why BlockDAG, with its impressive $49.2M fundraising and state-of-the-art technology, stands out as 2024’s prime crypto investment, overshadowing Chainlink's bullish prospects and Quant's downturns.

BlockDAG's $49.2 Million Presale

BlockDAG has recently emerged as a leader in the cryptocurrency arena following its remarkable Keynote 2 presentation and significant presale success. While Chainlink (LINK) remains promising despite a recent price drop and Quant (QNT) struggles with a downward trend, BlockDAG’s novel approach and strong market position highlight its superior investment appeal. An 1120% increase in BDAG prices and substantial endorsements and advanced technological capabilities set BlockDAG up for extensive growth, making it an attractive option for investors aiming for substantial returns in the shifting crypto landscape.

Chainlink: Still Promising Above $17 Despite Dip

Chainlink experienced a minor setback with an 8% price drop after reaching a 0.618 Fibonacci level on May 29. Despite trading 23% below its March peak of $22.85, LINK stays resilient above the $16.80 support.

It has gained over 50% since mid-April, breaking a descending trend on May 16 with a rise to $19.22. While mixed signals arise from MACD and RSI indicators, the six-hour chart suggests a bullish potential, predicting a rise towards a new annual high of $23, keeping Chainlink in the investment spotlight.

Quant: Resists, Continues Downtrend

Recently, Quant faced resistance at $97 and continues its bearish trajectory, maintaining above the $91.50 support. After initially surpassing moving average lines, it was repelled by the 50-day SMA, moving below the 21-day SMA and signaling a bearish phase. With resistance from the 21-day SMA and doji candlesticks impacting movement, Quant’s near-term prospects suggest further decline, possibly reversing around the $76.96 mark based on Fibonacci analysis.


BlockDAG: Stellar Growth Following Keynote 2 Release

BlockDAG recently captivated the cryptocurrency world with its second keynote, delivered from the moon, which ignited an astounding 1120% rise in BDAG’s price. Forecasts now suggest a potential 20,000x return on investment. This presentation showcased significant advancements, including unveiling the X1 Mobile Mining App Beta, 45 new development milestones, an ambitious future roadmap, and extensive global marketing initiatives.

During this event, BlockDAG highlighted its cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, celebrating its technological progress and significant recognition from media giants like Forbes and Bloomberg. This technology boosts the speed of transactions and cuts down on the time needed to confirm them, establishing BlockDAG as a durable and effective blockchain solution.


Following this groundbreaking keynote, BlockDAG saw an enormous wave of investment, with an 1120% increase in BDAG’s price. The event resulted in the sale of over 11.3 billion coins, amassing over $49.2 million. Additionally, the launch of the X1 beta app for both Android and Apple platforms drew in many users, facilitating effortless cryptocurrency mining on mobile devices without significant data or battery consumption.

This substantial growth has led experts to predict that BDAG might climb to $1 by 2024, a significant rise from its current presale price of $0.011. Given its strong performance and innovative offerings, this period presents a prime opportunity for investors to consider incorporating BlockDAG into their investment portfolios.


BlockDAG's impressive presale achievements and forward-thinking developments position it as the prime investment choice over its peers. While Chainlink demonstrates potential and Quant faces hurdles, BlockDAG’s dynamic momentum, innovative features, and industry endorsements highlight its prospects for unprecedented growth. For those looking to capitalize on the evolving trends in cryptocurrency, BlockDAG presents a compelling opportunity to redefine blockchain technology and achieve significant investor returns.

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