Big Futures Exchange Reveals Bitcoin Plans, Bull Run Ahead? Here Are Top Tokens to Watch

While a big futures exchange unveils its plan to launch Bitcoin trading amid the bull run, analysts present top tokens to watch.

Top Tokens to Watch

 While CME Group unveils its plan to start offering Bitcoin trading amid the expanding DeFi market, the bull run ahead creates excitement among traders. Meanwhile, analysts have identified Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana and KangaMoon as top tokens to watch. Let’s find out more. 

Bitcoin Trading Volume Drops Amid Price Increase 

The biggest futures exchange in the world, CME Group, intends to start offering Bitcoin trading. This is huge for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency space, which is why some investors are currently pumping.  

Meanwhile, the 24-hour Bitcoin trading volume dipped by over 23% to reach $31.37 billion while the Bitcoin price has crossed the $66,000 mark. Having gotten to this point after a significant pullback recently, the Bitcoin price is anticipated to rally to its ATH soon. 

Ethereum Price Poses For A Breakout 

A recent analysis by Crypto Patel suggests that a big market move is about to happen for Ethereum. An Ethereum ETF clearance date is drawing near, and the cryptocurrency is hitting a significant resistance level at $3,100. Ethereum price is in the midst of forming a bull flag pattern, which suggests that there may be a significant upward trend although the 24-hour Ethereum trading volume declined by over 4%.  

Investors are keeping a close eye on this pattern since a breakout over the resistance level of $3,200 could portend a significant increase in price and this may result in an increase in the Ethereum trading volume also above the $14.2 billion level. 

Binance Coin Price Analysis 

In recent times, the Binance Coin price has exhibited impressive steadiness, rising from $575 to above $600 and setting a new higher high on the hourly chart. Since March, the pattern of consolidation has ranged from $505 to $640, as evident in the Binance Coin price chart, indicating an imminent breakthrough that may force Binance Coin above the $620 resistance.  

But if it breaks through the crucial resistance level at $600, Binance Coin may move closer to $700. On the other hand, the Binance Coin price chart shows that if momentum is lost, Binance Coin may return to support levels at $550. 

Solana Price Surges Amid Fastest Blockchain Ranking 

Recently, the Solana price rose above the $160 mark, currently trading around $167 after rising by over 26% within the last 30 days. Meanwhile, amid this price surge, Solana has been identified among the top three quickest blockchains.  

In addition to that, the Solana market cap also rose moderately by about 3%. During the course of the week, Solana has risen from $140 to $170, making substantial profits for holders while the Solana market cap currently stands at around $74.98 billion.  

KangaMoon (KANG): One Of The Best DeFi Coins 

KangaMoon (KANG) is redefining the Defi market and changing the mainstream perception of defi coins by putting an emphasis on creativity and usefulness. Engaging in thrilling activities such as competing with other players, observing matches, and even guessing on the result with the popular defi coin KANG are all available to gamers.  

This results in a vibrant, thrilling, and socially connected gaming experience. KANG holders are eligible to participate in weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges in addition to other special benefits. However, promoting KangaMoon on social media and buying tokens during the presale are two ways enthusiasts can boost their chances of winning KANG tokens. 

KangaMoon is now selling tokens in the bonus stage of its presale for $0.025 apiece, 400% more than its first offering of $0.005. The BitMart exchange has also announced that KANG will list shortly. According to analyst forecasts, the value of the DeFi coin could potentially increase by 1,000% after it is listed.  

Can KangaMoon Outshine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Solana? 

The fact that KangaMoon's market capitalization is still relatively small makes it less expensive to pump the price of the token. Therefore, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Solana may be outshined by KANG, one of the best defi coins, for the same reason. 

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