National Green Highways Mission

Providing green canopy along the highways and creating jobs for the youth In five years, motorists on large parts of India's extensive national highways can hope to have a green canopy to protect them against heat, dust and glare as the National Green Highway Mission (NGHM) of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways takes root.

Greening The Highways

Connectivity is the pillar of growth. No developed nation today can boast of its achievements without first giving credit to its infrastructure, transportation networks and technology. But a lot of it has been achieved on the back of significant fossil fuel usage leading to pollution and environment degradation.

The Highway To A Green Economics

Green Highways are not just about planting trees but a concept of enhancing environmental sustainability of highway investments and operations by enhancing the climate change mitigation (GHG emissions) and adaptation during construction, maintenance and operation of highways and road traffic. It has to include better focus on the engineering aspects right from design, to material usage, waste reduction, and recycling and reuse.

The Mission Intends To Learn From The Global Best Practices

Dr A. K Bhattacharya, IFS (Retd) MD of the National Green Highways Mission, in a interview outlines the strategy being deployed and the progress made so far in the effort to green the highways

Largest Green Highways Network in offing

In the largest project of its kind globally, the government has called for greater public participation,especially of youth and local community in the development, beautification and maintenance of “green highways”, which are increasingly being seen as a buffer against rising pollution in which highway construction and heavy vehicular traffic also contribute significantly.

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