OUTLOOK Wednesday 13 August, 1997
Defaulter No 1

IT’S a consolation of sorts. Actress-turned-politician Jayaprada may have long lost the numbers race to younger and hotter heroines like Ms Sridevi and Ms Madhuri. But according to information made available to the Rajya Sabha, she retains the top slot among fellow stars in the Income Tax defaulter’s list. Her debt to the department: Rs 1.3 crore. But the lady is unperturbed. What’s a few crores among friends?

Steeping Into Shah Rukh's Suits

From Maachis to Mayur suitings, the boy-next-door Chandrachur Singh has always cut a fine figure. And he’s stepping right into the suits of the reigning raja of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, who outpriced himself with a Rs 1 crore price tag. Despite facing some muscle-flexing competition from Mayur wannables Arshad Warsi, Sharad Kapoor and Arbaz Khan, the Bhilwara group selected the Maachis boy for his scandal-free image. Even if it meant over-looking the heartbreak affair with sweetheart Tanuja Vidyarthi, a TV actress, a link-ups with various starlets. Will their images suit him?

Business Maharani

IF Gita Piramal’s opus Business Maharajas was heavyweight, her next tome is even weightier. In Business Legends, Piramal chronicles the lives of JRD Tata, GD Birla, Walchand Hirachand and Kasturbhai Lalbhai while the fifth names is yet to be finalised. For the moment, Piramal’s writing has touched a euphoric high, with the permission she received this week to peruse the precious Lalbhai papers. "This is the first time an outsider has been given access to these papers. None of these have been documented before. I am terribly excited and will be leaving for Ahmedabad soon," the thrilled writer trills. Even as she looks forward to the release of the paperback edition of her earlier book. What better way to take the maharajas to the man on the street?

Tune In to Sherwani

If Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral is into reciting Urdu poetry, can his ministerial colleagues be far behind? Saleem Sherwani, minister of state for external affairs, according to a newspaper report, is an accomplished singer. His hidden talent was discovered last month at the Bistec Economic Cooperation Meet. Ghazals are the minister’s weakness and Pankaj Udhas and Jagjit Singh his favourites. As for his most romantic ghazal, he sings – Yeh rrat, yeh fizaayen, fir aye ya na aye, aao shama bujha ke aaj dil jalayen – when in the mood.

Courting Trouble

Potholes in Karishma Kapoor’s fast tract career. Fresh trouble brews with a railway magistrate in Rajasthan issuing summons to the actress for causing a traffic jam, of a different kind. For halting a train in its tracks for the higher cause of shooting. Earlier, mega-income tax raids on stars homesdug out skeletons, one the monetary kind, out of the Kapoor babe’s cupboard. And now, she was caught on camera sneaking into Mumbai’s Hyderabad Estate, where IT head honchos live, looking more like Arun Gawli’s first cousin than the Maharani of the Marquee. What was she trying to hide, her face demurely behind her dupatta? Now that she’s rushed off to London, the paparazzi is left busy with the guesswork of her guilt.

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  • Blink, and you’ll travel back to the glory days of disco, with Cardi B’s multi-­coloured jumpsuit transporting you effortlessly. But, disaster struck at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Man­chester, when this splendid  garment gave way along its nether seams, hurrying poor Cardi  offstage.  The singer arrived minutes later in a bathrobe, the picture of unfl­a­ppability. “We gonna keep it sexy,”  she crooned. That is style.
  • Since the moment we set our eyes on him on that October evening in 2000, that cracklingly clean ‘plock’ of the ball on his bat, with the whistle-fresh swing and follow-­through, marvelled us. It was the same in Yuvraj Singh’s last inter­national inn­ings. Sandwitched within were six miraculous, now-mythical sixes in an over, the no less magical performances in the 2011 World Cup, and a great, big-hearted recovery from illness. You have a great life after retirement, Yuvi.
  • As Liverpool and Tottenham muscled it out in the major kickabout that’s the Champions League final, after Moha­med Salah pumped in a penalty for a 1-0 lead, as bands of Liverpudlians seriously contemplated a conversion to Mo’s creed, she jumped right in. Comfortably sneakered, ash blonde hair aflow, arms raised, her amplitude tucked into an ungenerous swimsuit, she peddled a porn site. Play stopped for a bit, then the spoilsports threw her out.
  • Amidst the mucky filth, smelling of cordite, that is Bengal’s bipartisan politics on the ground, there emerged two flowers empowered to fight the dominant one in Par­li­a­­ment. TMC’s Mimi and Nus­rat, beloved of cameras in this poll season, were sharply dressed as ever on their first day in the House.


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