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  • Monday
  • 08 June, 2009
Mombachchan Khush Hua

With too many of our actors, you couldn’t tell the difference—especially if you get fine wooden replicas. Now, you don’t want to say that about The Bachchan, and not just because the medium is wax. So here he is, the waxen Amitabh, in black sherwani and gold buttons to boot, at the new ‘Bollywood Zone’ of Madame Tussauds in New York’s Times Square.

Royal Hues

An exhibition of paintings on the royal court of Jodhpur in the 18th and 19th centuries was inaugurated at the British Museum. Seen here, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall interacting with Maharaja Gaj Singh and Maharani Hemlata Rajye at the museum.

Tobacco Totalers

A bunch of tension-free tinsel towners—with no stakes in IPL teams or not seeking alternative careers in politics—celebrated World No Tobacco day with a T20 day-and-night cricket match between doctors and celebs. Seen cheering his team was Govinda in pristine white.

IPL Leftovers

The IPL yielded tons of excitement and beauty queens. Miss IPL Bollywood Dune Kossatz, chosen from some forty-eight beauties, mouthed the same cliched line of ‘sticking together in love, respect and tolerance’. In addition to the neat pile of prize money, she’ll soon be all over Mumbai and even audition for an upcoming SRK film.


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