OUTLOOK Monday 14 July, 2008
Courting Honour

Sachin Tendulkar bent a tennis elbow in acknowledgment of the cheers in his honour at the Wimbledon centre court on Sporting Saturday. Among select sportspersons at the Royal Box, he promised to return for Federer’s artistry.

The Pitch Ahead

so, is this a mobike or a four-wheeler? Well, it’s much like asking you to name one of those classic M.S. Dhoni shots. That said, the odi skipper did enjoy his ride—(or drive?)—at a Karachi resort.

Deccan's New Lords

If Kamal can do ten, Rajni can too. In fact, double that. Kuselan will see him in 20 roles. A score, that. For the other score, there’s A.R. Rehman’s nephew G.V. Prakash. And Daler Mehndi sings one. A de facto 21st avatar?

Curls 'n Curves

Model and VJ Piya Trivedi’s career is all set for a take-off. Happily, the same went for extraneous garb: A former Kingfisher swimsuit girl. Those kohl-lined eyes, exquisite jawline and the net of curls are but variations on the theme of beauty.

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  • When elders were struggling to lift, let alone read, Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy, most of us were in shorts or babbling in the cradle, if we were there at all. Good for us that now Mira Nair is in charge of a BBC-backed series based on it, and that Tabu (seen here with Ishaan Khatter in this ‘first look’) will probably play Lata, bride of the titular boy. “...Epic tale of an unseen India,” says Nair. Unseen, eh? Let’s see.
  • Everyone who’s hurt those  sharply slanted eyes, spurned those ruby-red lips, has had cause to reg­ret. For over a decade now, Taylor Swift has turned all heartbreaks and slurs into award-winning lyrics—everything is grist to her songwriting mill. The result is 29  wins at the American Music Awards (six this year, and five more than Michael Jackson managed). Plus  fanatical fans would rejoice  at her being named both artist of the year and that of the decade. If these boys are asking her to ‘shake it off’,  they’ll have cause for regret.
  • Two women sitting on laps of men, glad, artificial grins plastered over their faces...you’d be forgiven to think such things are embarrassingly passe in the 21st century. It’s evidently not in Bollywood. And so, the comedy Good Newwz, starring Kiara Advani, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay and Kareena, will possibly live up to its tagline: ‘the biggest goof-up of the year’. A comedy about IVF, did you say? We shudder in anticipation.
  • Bollywood must be dreading  the Calcutta International Film Festival—a stentorian call from the CM...the unenlightening prospect of a day full of drumbeats. However, there is no respite for Shahrukh (Amitabh fell ill at an opportune  period). Though flanked by filmmaker Goutam Ghosh, Mamata herself and Sourav, the stage-show was stopped by the bonhomie between Rakhee and SRK: singing along a pat­riotic Rabi­ndrasangeet and reminiscing  about the sets of Baazigar.