August 09, 2020


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  • 19 November, 2007
Fly Family Class

A $60 million Airbus...what a b’day gift for wifey Nita! Befitting a billionaire like Mukesh Ambani. The customised jet is fitted with luxuries like mood lighting, game consoles and a machine to spew out the perfect idli-sambar. (Hey, what’s stewing in the other Ambani stable?). And coming up soon is a $1 billion home, 27 mega storeys with a helipad, six floors of car parking and a staff of 600. All for a family of six. It’s for Nita’s next b’day.

On the Stage

The Prithvi Theatre Festival is in its 29th year. This time, it’s 25 shows of 12 musical productions. A yearbook, Kala Desh Ki Seva Mein, was recently launched by Shammi Kapoor. Also seen are Sanjana and papa Shashi Kapoor.

Samovar Steam

Usha Khanna’s cafe, Samovar, has been a major landmark in Mumbai’s arty skyline for over 43 years. She has now put together her experiences in a book, The Making of Samovar. Seen from right, Usha with economist Montek S. Ahluwalia, painter Anjolie Ela Menon and writer Gurcharan Das at the Delhi launch.

Life In A Frame

Longing, ‘an impressionistic journey and intimate visual journal of memory: an experience based on the everyday’ through 41 b/w images, is shutterbug Prabuddha Dasgupta’s latest offering. Catch it in NY.


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