August 14, 2020


  • Monday
  • 12 November, 2007
Outlook Money Awards

The Outlook Money-NDTV Profit Summit and Awards ’07 drew the high and mighty of the business world. The chairman of the Clearing Corporation of India R.H. Patil (seen here with Union Mos, commerce, Jairam Ramesh) entered the Outlook Money Hall of Fame for his pioneering work in reforming the capital markets. Flanking them are Rajan Raheja, chief promoter, Outlook Group (far right); Vinod Mehta, editor-in-chief, Outlook Group; and Maheshwer Peri, president and publisher, Outlook Group.

Tunes off the Field

A merry band of men in blue and a Bollywood star—Dhoni on bongo, Yuvi on the clarinet, Uthappa on bass guitar, Harbhajan on drums and Saif, the lead guitarist. Exploring an alternative career perhaps....

Polo Pillars

Delhi’s partyhoppers and Bollywood B-graders—Minissha, Mahima and Arti Chabra—showed up at a polo event in Delhi last week. Their riding hemlines and clicking stilettoes certainly made the horses run faster and players miss a few shots.

Bouncy Beyonce

Beyonce (no less) Knowles held nothing back for Mumbai. Chocolaty vocals, pyrotechnics, laser effects—and trademark numbers like ‘No, No, Bill, Bill, Bill’. The 15,000-plus crowd sang, danced and entered a zone that once lay beyonce....


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