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  • 23 July, 2007
Tonga Rides Again!

Dilip Kumar must count himself among the select few who have their sepia-tinted screen exploits bloom into colour, that too after half a century. The screen legend, Asha Bhonsle and B.R. Chopra waxed nostalgic at the music release of the 1957 B/W classic Naya Daur, to be re-released this August.

Emandi, Clinton Gaaru

Bill clinton purveyed the skill he honed the most at the White House: speechmaking. His formidable podium-glibness, which made millions for him, is now at Hillary’s service, as she struggles to charm discrete peoples, like N. America’s Telugus at a Washington conference. Traditionally rigged lasses were also at hand.

Her Wondrous Kiss

Yes, she felt proud when the Taj was wonderised, and flirted gamely with Ben Kingsley at the official do in Lisbon, but Bipasha Basu wasn’t averse to the top-footballer touch, since it’s not an option back home. When Man U hunk Cristiano Ronaldo dribbled by at a hotel lounge, the defences melted. “We danced thru the night. I felt like a princess...”

Whiff Of A Girl

Against the odourless void of oblivion, she’ll probably take the faint stink of controversy anyday. But Shilpa Shetty’s nose knows its job. Hence, S2—her own perfume brand with a floral, fruity scent. Take the sartorial hint, guys.


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