March 29, 2020


  • Monday
  • 26 March, 2007
Indian Red Carpet

India’s new found tourism confidence was bursting from the seams at the recent Berlin International Tourism Bourse, one of the world’s biggest tourism festivals. ‘Incredible India’, screamed banners spread across 30,000 square metres of exhibition space announcing the visitor explosion. Even Union tourism minister Ambika Soni was seen in a celebratory mood with German technology minister Michael Gos.

Pole(o) Star

B-Grade Bollywoodian Shilpa Shetty has at last acquired a life. She sat prominently at the Kingfisher polo classic match, adding to the glam quotient. While Karishma Kapoor was seen cheering her polo player husband (but of course), the champion of racial equality was clearly the object of Vijay Mallya’s attention.

The Rose Rots

Just two years on and the passionate Saif-Rosa affair has come to an end. No one knows when trouble began brewing in their paradise. Perhaps it was his ex-wife Amrita’s resumed proximity or the chote nawab’s mood swings. Only they know the truth.

Mallika Unveiled

It’s definitely not another Myth. Mallika Sherawat has touched new heights of glory with a full-fledged Hollywood film, Unveiled, directed by Bill Bannerman. Well, after all, the steamy Cannes photocalls did get her noticed. She plays a Muslim woman but hey, she’s no shadow behind a burqa.


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