January 17, 2021


  • Monday
  • 27 November, 2006
The Earth Beckons

Remember Mariyah Moten who represented Pakistan at a beauty pageant clad in the most ‘un-islamic attire’? Seems she turned out to be an American who was giving Pakistan a ‘bad name’. Well, here’s another edition—the reigning Ms Pakistan World, Sehr Mahmood, at the Ms Earth pageant in Manila. Her earthly attributes are best left to the world. But she sure knows what to utter when. Her role model? Mukhtar Mai. See what you got?

Sania Under Cover

Now, this is a rare moment. The lady who struts about the tennis courts brandishing her attitude and her nose stud in short skirts all wrapped up in a hijab. Turns out she was in Mecca performing umrah. It turned out to be the defining moment of her life. “I feel closer to God than ever before,” she says. Now that should give her ratings a fillip. And shut up those who dared to question the length of her skirt.

Off Pitch Report

His mane determines the season’s style statement. Major brands are lining up at his door. The cricketing superstar is also a part of a music video, not to mention his frequent appearances on the ramp. Sure, there’s more to do off the pitch these days. Especially if you get to rub shoulders with the gorgeous Dipika Padukone. Seen here, Mahendra Singh Dhoni parading Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna outfits at the Blender’s Pride fashion show in New Delhi last week.

Power of History

You could feel the energy—1,500 years of Indian art. Some 200 bronze and stone sculptures that trace the origin and journey of Indian spiritual philosophy are on display. Congress president Sonia Gandhi inaugurated Tejas, a part of the 4-month-long India Cultural Festival recently launched in Brussels.


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