August 13, 2020


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  • 25 September, 2006
Viva Masaba!

There was a time when Masaba, daughter of actress Neena Gupta and former West Indies skipper Viv Richards, was fiercely guarded. Today she’s growing up with dreams and aspirations of her own. No, she isn’t grooming herself to be a sportswoman but instead looking at fashion and modelling on the international circuit. Seen here, mother and daughter at a Rohit Bal show in Mumbai.

The Sophia Within

Screen legend Sophia Loren has made a splash at 72 by announcing that she would grace the cover of the famous Pirelli calendar 2007. Contrary to rumours that she would appear in the skin, sources say the Italian beauty will be seen in a slinky see- through black dress with drop diamond earrings. Others on the calendar include Hilary Swank, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts and French actress Lou Doillon.

Pretty Miffed

KANK may be a hit but Preity Zinta is mighty peeved with her role. Rani Mukherjee seems to have outshone her frame by frame in Manish Malhotra’s clothes. srk is said to have lobbied hard for Rani and K-Jo relented. So that’s Rani vs Preity for you.

Second Time Lucky

Cricketer Vinod Kambli recently launched his second innings with model Andrea Hewitt. They met a few years ago but kept the relationship under wraps. The otherwise flamboyant Kambli seems to have mellowed down.


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