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  • Monday
  • 03 July, 2006
Family Handiwork

Handing down the mantle, always an idea prone to emotional overload, became a visual play for Hema Malini and her daughters, Esha and Ahana, at an Art of Living do at Bangalore. Palms intertwined, in trickledown fashion, they bodied forth the evening’s theme: education.

Motorcycle Kick

It’s soccer time, so M.S. Dhoni gave it a try with his feet than the gloves. The puffed-up ball swirled along the Caribbean sands, at times shot up booming from his boots. Now that’s much like his own soaring sixers.


Yet another Bollywood awards ceremony—the IIFA awards. Only, this time, the venue moved to Dubai. The highlight was an appearance by Madam Dawood and Jean Claude Van Damme. Madam had her agenda, but Van Damme came to strike a deal with Aish for his latest flick Asterix at the Olympic Games. Shilpa Shetty grabbed the photo-op and Saif was glad that his impersonation of Rishi Kapoor was a hit.

The Sari Covers all

It all began with the revealing of cleavage and midriffs and soon enough, the itsy bitsy teeny weeny top in between fell. Meghna Naidu has been one such exponent. In fact, a trader’s association in Varanasi has collected saris for her. Undeterred, she boasts of shots in Bad Friend that would knock men off their chairs.


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