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  • 24 April, 2006
Who's The Best Hack Of Us All?

Heard that old saying—“there can be too much of a good thing”? Well, Indian journalism is getting there in a hurry. With there being too much of it—newspapers, magazines, TV channels—this was coming. Now we have the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards launched by the Indian Express group. Touted as the Pulitzers of Indian journalism, these awards were handed out on Wednesday to those who deserved them. Wonder what the others did? Planned a sting operation on the awards, we guess.

The Soldier Reads

It took Kiran Nagarkar nine years to write God’s Little Soldier—a liberal Muslim boy’s tryst with religious orthodoxy. Yet Aamir Khan stole the show at the Delhi launch. Unlike Akshay Kumar who also dropped in for a book launch recently, Aamir had read this book. Last October, he was also seen at the launch of Vikram Seth’s Two Lives.

The Dye Is Cast

Body paint or strategic cover? What will the designers think up next? Here’s Tania Zaetta in Neeta Bhargava’s more-paint-less-fabric number at the WIFW.

Meet the Parents

Lea, Rhea, Congratulations! Little Aiyana is already a few weeks old and dad hasn’t stopped taking her picture. Well, changing diapers and staying up nights will be a new ball game all together. But it’s advantage parents. Will she wield the tennis racket first or get her fundas of life right? We’ll wait and see. Happy parenting!


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