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  • 06 June, 2005
Sailing Solo

it’s official now. The Czech-born beauty Yana Gupta who topped the popularity chart with her number Babuji Dhere Chalo in Dum is now single, but not yet ready to mingle. The voluptuous model and her painter husband Satyakam Gupta have split after four years of marriage. The relationship had been on the rocks for some time, and the two had tried talking it over, but it didn’t quite work out. The sizzling item number girl was heartbroken over the split. But, then again, that won’t stop the men from trying to woo the kool kahenge girl.

Punjabi Tadka

Size matters. Atleast in this case it does. Unlike our delicate Bollywood beauties, Dalip Singh, the giant-sized (he’s 7’2” tall) Punjabi wrestler, has crashed through the US screens in the Adam Sandler starrer The Longest Yard. Dalip, who plays a convict named Turley Lobo Sebastian, is a two-time Mr India. He was seen at the film’s premiere in blue jeans and pink shirt—the size of a bedspread. Wanna wrestle?

'Paparazzi Magnet'

She’s known for her kisses as well as Murder. And now she’s been labelled as the ‘Hottest Paparazzi Magnet’ by Time. This happened at Cannes, where Mallika Sherawat had gone to promote her new film The Myth, in which her co-star is Jackie Chan. Some even saw glimpses of the French siren Brigitte Bardot in our Mallika. As the Time correspondent put it, “Bollywood bombshell Mallika’s warm smile and tight dresses restored Cannes’ rep as a showcase for steamy glamour.”

Lights, Camera, Loot

Here’s one person who won’t be returning to Jharkhand in a hurry. While in Ranchi for the shooting of the telefilm Aubelai, the crew and actor Rupa Ganguly—who played Draupadi in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata—were robbed and assaulted by a band of about 40 armed and masked robbers. They barged into the guesthouse where the crew was staying, looting cash and valuables worth Rs 3 lakh. Ganguly escaped with minor injuries. But the unit packed up and returned home.

Not Quite Biwi No. 1

While one marriage has broken up, there’s news of another one being on the verge. This one of Karisma Kapoor with her Delhi-based industrialist husband Sanjay Kapur. The actress has been in Mumbai since the birth of her daughter in March. Sources reveal that she has no intentions of returning to Delhi as she has been having it rough with Sanjay for the last six months. So, is she going to reach for her make-up box and get back to her jhatka-matka ways?


Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue shook the world with news of her having breast cancer last week. However, the 36-year-old beauty has already got the tumour removed and is on the road to recovery.


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