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  • 07 February, 2005
Rip Van Riddle

Surprise, surprise... now we’re off, now we’re on again. And hey, Thin Lizzy makes for a pretty sleek mama (wasn’t it supposed to be time Nayar Jr showed up?). Well, Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley couldn’t care less about loose talk. Much in love, they strolled in at the opening of a Mumbai luxury store.

Oriental Pleasures

Michael Douglas took back a CD of Bollywood numbers after a nite of serious Bombay partying. Just India-scouting for his role in a Bollywood crossover flick, Racing the Monsoon opposite ‘Ashra’ (read Aishwarya), if she agrees. The 61-year-old, however, had serious issues with Indian sweets.

Dry Grass

He’s back after 18 years. But the biggest change German Nobel laureate Gunter Grass noticed about Calcutta was the absence of cows blocking traffic. Trust the writer to go for an underbelly observation of the city he once likened to excreta. “I’m not sure I’ll write about Calcutta again,” he declared. Well, the city could certainly do with some kinder words.

Award In Absentia

It’s interesting to find out which of Irfan Pathan’s tallies are higher—wickets or awards. The thing about awards is that the boy collects them even when it’s off season for cricket. Like the International Sports Personality of ’04 conferred recently by Sony Entertainment. He pipped Muthiah Muralitharan and golfer Vijay Singh to the post. For some reason, Pathan skipped the glittering ceremony. He couldn’t do that for wickets!

Life, Afresh

She plays his gran in the TV serial The Kumars at No 42. We’ve seen them on Goodness Gracious Me. In fact, they knew each other for almost a decade till cupid struck two years ago. Meera Syal, 43, and Sanjeev Bhaskar, 40, tied the knot recently at a private ceremony. “It was good fun. We’ve not even talked of a honeymoon yet,” she said. Their latest project—a film adaptation of Meera’s novel Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee. Yes, they know it. Meera was earlier married to journalist Shekhar Bhatia and has a 12-year-old daughter.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are arguing—over his controlling behaviour. Soon after their surprise marriage last June, he banned her from wearing skimpy outfits and made her sell the homes she shared with Ben Affleck. Splitsville isn’t far!


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