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  • Monday
  • 19 July, 2004
Whiff Of Freshness

You see more of her navel in the latest Liril’s Orange Fresh ad—a clear sign that the owner, Dipika Padukone, has arrived. Better known as the daughter of ace badminton player Prakash Padukone, she may have given her genotype a slip. But not before she became a state-level badminton player. It was not a waste after all. You don’t get that body for free.

Top Off Target

So did you fall for this one—‘Neha Dhupia sheds her top in the latest skin fiesta, Julie, where she plays an emotionally conflicted prostitute’? Relax! Given that the last few histrionically-challenged-Bollywood-starlet-loses-the-top tales have been publicity stunts, we’d advise a wait and watch policy. Besides, Dhupia has denied it so hold back the soaring hopes.

Wisdom Unlimited

Pearls of wisdom rained at the second Dhirubhai Ambani Lecture last week. Preacher Moraribapu (lighting the lamp) assured us that satta and sampatti (power and pelf) are fine if imbued with satt (truth). Kokilaben let us in on the secrets of her husband’s success while son Mukesh indulged in reminiscences.

Bionic Armour

Stay away from the svelte belle in a goth jacket with metal watts next to you. One touch and you’re in for a shock. This protective hunterwali-meets-Star Trek armour is the work of NIFT students, Shilpi Vaishya, Kumar Roshan and their guide Nupur Anand (back). The two-layered wear has wire meshes that passes elec-volts that can knock off those probing hands.

Gere Up

Richard Gere, iconic poster-boy for new-age Buddhism, graced India again with his salt-and-pepper charm. This time to promote Gere Foundation’s anti-AIDS campaign. His brother David, now based in Bangalore, too is involved in the initiative. Seen here with Om Puri at the Make Art/Stop AIDS meet in the capital.


Pop princess Britney Spears is refusing a pre-nuptial agreement before she weds dancer Kevin Federline in November coz she’s marrying for love. “It’s my life, let me live it,” she told her insistent mom.


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