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  • 31 May, 2004
Cannes Garnish

Undeterred by the criticism heaped on her attire last year, Aishwarya made it to Cannes for the third year in a row. She stuck to designer Neeta Lulla again. Ash’s gown, however, faded in comparison to that of Alexandra Kerry, the 30-year-old daughter of US presidential candidate John Kerry. She was in Cannes to promote a short film on Vietnam, possibly because her father fought in the war. But no wonder, the dress got her more coverage than the cause. It’s for all of you out there in black and white—just like Dad’s election campaign.

Sole Martial

Kanishka Sharma, the only Indian martial arts expert to be trained at China’s Shaolin temple, is breaking more barriers than bricks. He will head the first Shaolin school outside China to be set up in India this year. Of course, this is a two-way trade—martial arts went to China from India. Indian Buddhist teacher Bodhidharma taught Shaolin monks self-defence techniques that developed into the sophisticated art.

Father Dear

Irfan Pathan isn’t the only young person on Imran Khan’s mind. He flew to LA, allegedly to be with Tyrian, his 12-year-old daughter with yoga instructor Sita White, who died recently. White’s will gives Khan custody of Tyrian. But he says it’s up to Tyrian’s grandmother and aunt to decide her future. Everyone’s in shock now.

Okay Tata

Tata Young who? Thai pop star currently on a homage tour to India, the country that inspired her name. When Young was born, her American dad was posted in India. He looked around and decided to call her after what he saw on most hoardings. By the way, she also met her namesake Ratan Tata.


Al Pacino slashed his $17 million fee to play Shylock in a British production of the Shakespearian play, Merchant of Venice. “I feel I’ve always been destined to do the role,” he said. Those who’ve seen early footage of the film are definitely tipping him for an Oscar.


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