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  • 03 May, 2004
Give 'Em Curry

When Vikram Chatwal is not dating models or hiking up $11,000 at night clubs, he acts. The heir to an international restaurant chain and 11 Manhattan hotels is now serving One Dollar Curry, his Bollywood debut. He plays an Indian immigrant who makes it big in France with a desi mobile kitchen. Wonder which of his eateries has it on the menu.

Pool Drool

Warning: Corporate sharks infest these waters. Over 20 high-profile companies recently participated in a water polo tournament at the Inter Continental Park Royal, Delhi. After hours of frenetic aquatic negotiations, Pacific Privilege Club emerged victorious. But there’s no question regarding what made the biggest splash; bikini-clad Romanians were responsible for many a slip-up in the water.

Go For 400

Talk of constancy. After racking up 309 runs on the field, Virender Sehwag now resumes his innings with Aarti, who he has known since he was seven. Everyone from rickshawwallahs upwards at Pahari Dheeraj can be caught reminiscing about when Veeru would do the rounds of Aarti’s gali. Sehwag ki maa may have approved—especially of the pandal at Arun Jaitley’s house—but this match was fixed by none other than Veeru.

Fourth Time Lucky

Manhattan played host to Salman Rushdie’s grand fourth wedding. Rushdie and his bride, Padma Lakshmi, entertained celebrity guests amid chants from the Rig Veda, Sufi music and rajnigandha mandaps. The chief guest, however, was Rushdie’s seven-year-old son, Milan. Up next: A film based on Rushdie’s 1997 short story, The Firebird’s Nest, starring the bride.


Sandra Bullock’s romance with TV actor Jesse James is getting serious. He has had her name tattooed on his wrist. She’s been dating the 34-year-old Monster Garage star since December. Sources say they are looking forward to a happy future, hence the romantic body art.


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