August 15, 2020


  • Monday
  • 01 March, 2004
New Innings

V.V.S. Laxman says it’s his best match. The prolific Hyderabadi batsman took guard for a long innings as he tied the knot with G. Sailaja, a computer science student from Guntur, last week. Sadly, with exams coming up next month, Sailaja won’t be able to accompany him to Pakistan. In keeping with his batting style, it was a traditional, elegant ceremony. His teammates showed up to wish them a long and solid partnership.

Royal Punch

It Wasn’t just a chatterati summit at the Scindia Villa polo party in Delhi last week. Along with the usual public school suspects and token expats, there was the horsey set in force—a few genuinely good riders and lots of adenoidally inbred toffs in fine fetlock after their first Scotch. Seen here from right: co-host industrialist Gautam Singhania, politico Kiran Choudhry and Yashodhararaje Scindia.

Jaded Jodi

With Simran married and Sarika far away in Mumbai, Kamalahaasan is back with his old flame Gautami, the heroine of Thevar Magan, the prequel to Virumaandi. Gautami, in case you forgot, campaigned for the BJP during the last Lok Sabha elections. In fact, she was seen driving Kamal back and forth during the Virumaandi premiere. Well, all those hours on the road did pay off. She has reportedly been signed up for Kamal’s next film. But hey, the audience is unlikely to hoot for this jaded jodi.

Picador Pick

Food for thought was merely a starting point at the award ceremony for the annual Outlook/Picador India non-fiction competition in Delhi. Outlook editor-in-chief Vinod Mehta announced the winning entry, Anuradha Roy’s enigmatically titled Cooking Women. In the picture (from left) Picador chief Andrew Kidd, Lady Nadira Naipaul and Nobel literature laureate Sir Vidia Naipaul, Mehta and Roy.


Michael Jackson’s proximity to the cult group Nation of Islam almost landed him in a soup. Fearing her kids may be converted to Islam, former wife Debbie Rowe threatened to sue him. She backed off only after a public statement that he would cut links with the group.


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