February 23, 2020


  • Monday
  • 23 February, 2004
Papa Don't Go

Papa Saurav just returned home. Is he going to Pakistan again, asks little Sana? Wife Dona was initially afraid about the tour for security reasons. Now, she has agreed to let him go. He and Sachin are on the jehadi hitlist—but after Lee & Co’s chin music, let’s say they are forewarned.

Sahara Bahar

There were more stars at Sahara’s double wedding than in the spring skies last week. In the most flamboyant show of the millennium, father Subroto Roy had the Ambanis, Bachchans,Vajpayee—you name it—eating out of his hand. But amid the chartered flights, designer mandap, aero gymnastics, eighteen-course cuisine, the best drinks, someone was heard saying, “Arre... dulha dulhan kahan hai?” Did anyone see the bride or the groom?

Destiny's Children

After generating reams of newsprint on Salman Khan, Ash and Vivek are at last official. Around to promote their film, Kyon...Ho Gaya Na, Vivek said it was destiny they met. Then more destiny. They met with accidents on the same day. It was the last shot of their films as well. They ended up in the same hospital too!

Angelic Flesh

Nigar Khan, the ‘angel’ of the raunchy remix video Chadhti Jawani, has no qualms about stripping for success. “Item songs are all about exposure and I am not going to shy away,” she says. Wait till Wanjhali, her next album, and you will see the tiniest bikini ever worn.


Security staff at a London hotel mistook Kevin Spacey for a burglar. Informed about intruders on the roof, they suspected Spacey’s suite may be ransacked. Breaking in, the guards discovered the star had climbed out of the window and was coolly smoking a roll-up.


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