August 04, 2020


  • Monday
  • 01 December, 2003
Beer Hug

Salman Rushdie’s girlfriend’s career, it seems, has started booming all over again. And you thought Ayesha Shroff wasted Padma Lakshmi in Boom. Or was it her dirty dancing with the Satanic Verses author in London recently that brought her ‘world acclaim’? Whatever, the news is that the statuesque brunette’s soon going to be the global brand ambassador for US lager, Budweiser. Remember their past TV spots—burping frogs and lizards and guys screaming “whassup” and “Howya Doin”? But why the Indian-born svelte beauty? Because the producers of the ad believe that “Padma’s sex appeal, her sylph-like figure and good looks will go a long way to catch a bottle-hitter’s attention”.

The Small B

Here’s someone who’s visibly uncomfortable with her famous second name. Namrita Bachchan, Ajitabh Bachchan’s 27-year-old daughter, is making a debut of sorts in India. No, she has no designs on Bollywood. Namrita’s making a quiet entry into Mumbai’s art scene with her untitled 44x60 inch painting at the NCPA on November 27. A bachelor of fine arts degree holder from the Rhode Island School of Design, the famous tag, she says, is no impediment. “It doesn’t affect my work or my perception,” she was quoted recently.

Tripartite Flick

Our little birdie’s on a song this week. Pakistani legend, Imran Khan, she sings, is bitten by the Bollywood bug. Khan had a “long brainstorming session” recently with filmmaker Iqbal Durrani at Mumbai socialite Parmeshwar Godrej’s residence, finalising the “ambitious Indo-Pak” project. No prizes for guessing the theme though. It’ll be about an Indian, a Pakistani and a Kashmiri. The title? Nahin... Nahin. Isn’t that what we say to dialogue all the time?

Namkeen Hands

The proof of a pudding, Upper Crust editor Farzana Contractor will tell you, is in its making, not tasting. Gourmets in Mumbai chewed more than they could possibly digest last week when Contractor put up the immensely popular three-day Upper Crust Show at the WTC. Come to think of it, Asha Bhosle too was there—striking a beautiful note with her deliciously tasty eats. Other culinary geniuses too were there: like Aristocratic Dum Pukht ustad Imtiaz Qureshi, chef Sanjeev Kapoor with his tips on Indian khana, Karen Anand and her salads, and Zeba Kohli letting out her secrets of making chocolates.


  • Marlon Brando has already written his will. Among other things, he wants Michael Jackson and Jack Nicholson to preside over the funeral service. He wishes to be “fried to a crisp” and then scattered over palm trees on a Tahiti island.


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