OUTLOOK Monday 29 September, 2003
Batting Partners

It couldn’t have been a more impressive scoreboard. At Auction Replay in Bangalore last week, Sachin’s willow got the highest bid, Rs 3 lakh. Tony Greig picked up Harbhajan Singh’s famous hat-trick ball against the Aussies for Rs 55,000. And Saurav had good reasons to pick up the blazer Anil Kumble wore during the 1993 Sri Lanka tour for Rs 25,000: “It was the last time India won a series overseas.” The organisers too were much pleased—by the end of the do, they had collected Rs 11 lakh. And all for a cause: to raise funds for the underprivileged.

Mumbai Masala

Let’s roll out the carpet for some high-profile visitors from Hollywood. Naomi Watts, of The Ring fame, will be visiting Mumbai sometime in December this year to promote Merchant-Ivory’s latest offering, Le Divorce. Kate Hudson, the other star in the film, will, however, not accompany the cast on the India trip. Why? Because she’s pregnant.

Family Tradition

It was time to pay tribute to the stalwarts “who made serious journalism viable” and the new editor-in-chief of The Hindu, N. Ram, didn’t miss out on any names at the 125th anniversary celebrations of the newspaper in Chennai last Saturday. Welcoming Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee, attorney-general Soli Sorabjee and others, Ram saluted The Hindu’s “constant interplay of continuity and change” since its first editorial on September 20, 1878. “It centrestaged two guiding principles for the daily, fairness and justice,” he said.

Displaced Dreams

Deposed Liberian dictator Charles Taylor wanted his daughters Blossom Neypon and Avenette Sirleaf to grow up in India where “girls remained virgins till they wed”. Seems like the girls aren’t too happy with Delhi culture. “People laugh at us, stare at us. Do we look like clowns? Haven’t Indians seen blacks before,” Avenette was quoted as saying recently. Delhiites, care to answer?

Kat's Paws

What’s with Katrina Kaif? We hear the leggy beauty’s not too happy with Boom. She claims she thought the film will be in English, for England, where “bikinis and kissing scenes are part of every film”. Says Kaif: “When I signed the film, I was not aware about Indian culture and tradition. Had I known it, I wouldn’t have done the film.” Now she says she’ll never expose! Wonder whose loss is it anyway!


  • The acting dynasty is going to expand soon. Charlie Sheen’s expecting his first baby from his wife Denise Richards.

  • Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s spreading her wings: she’s accepted a role in a remake of the French hit comedy, Taxi.

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  • Since the moment we set our eyes on him on that October evening in 2000, that cracklingly clean ‘plock’ of the ball on his bat, with the whistle-fresh swing and follow-­through, marvelled us. It was the same in Yuvraj Singh’s last inter­national inn­ings. Sandwitched within were six miraculous, now-mythical sixes in an over, the no less magical performances in the 2011 World Cup, and a great, big-hearted recovery from illness. You have a great life after retirement, Yuvi.
  • As Liverpool and Tottenham muscled it out in the major kickabout that’s the Champions League final, after Moha­med Salah pumped in a penalty for a 1-0 lead, as bands of Liverpudlians seriously contemplated a conversion to Mo’s creed, she jumped right in. Comfortably sneakered, ash blonde hair aflow, arms raised, her amplitude tucked into an ungenerous swimsuit, she peddled a porn site. Play stopped for a bit, then the spoilsports threw her out.
  • Amidst the mucky filth, smelling of cordite, that is Bengal’s bipartisan politics on the ground, there emerged two flowers empowered to fight the dominant one in Par­li­a­­ment. TMC’s Mimi and Nus­rat, beloved of cameras in this poll season, were sharply dressed as ever on their first day in the House.
  • Black cape, leather footwear, eyepatch and a tiara—say what you will about Madonna’s outfit in the Eurovision in Israel. Or the fact that her Like A Prayer was woefully out of tune. An inn­ocent espousal of peace—two dancers in her troupe, dressed in Israeli and Palestinian flags, and walking arm in arm—has been castigated as an unwarranted pol­itical comment. But politics is life, the beating heart of art.


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