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  • 01 September, 2003
No Paternity Tax

This one promises to be hot: British author Jessica Hines is pregnant. So? Nothing except that she’s not telling anyone who the child’s father is. “There is no father to my baby. It’s like the Matrix. I thought he was real, but he turned out to be a computer-generated hologram,” she was quoted as saying recently. Now, didn’t we hear some time back that Hines, who’s busy finalising her biography on the Big B, was linked with Aamir Khan not so long ago. She, we were told then, was also living in with the star after his “separation” from wife Reena. Immaculate conception, huh.

Hot Chocolate

First the Coke ad with Aamir, rumours of a link-up with the star, then the lead role in Priyadarshan’s Hungama and now as Amitabh Bachchan’s spoilt grand-daughter in Baghban. It couldn’t get better than this for Rimi Sen. There’s enough fizz in her career already. We hear she recently rejected a big banner project. Reason: Rimi didn’t want to do a bikini act. Material Girl!

Grand Grand Ma Ma

A platinum sister act hit Dilli this week, when 92-year-old Zohra Sehgal and her sibling from Pakistan Uzra Butt stepped onto the proscenium. Working together after five years in Ek thi Naani, the play traces their relationship from pre-Partition days to post-Border times. A tale of two countries and sisters. Encore.

Meet the Kapoors

Last year, she was engaged to li’l beau Abhishek Bachchan. A few weeks later, the engagement was mysteriously cancelled and the most-talked-about wedding-to-be never took place. Karisma Kapoor has now decided to go ahead and tie the knot with long-time friend and Delhi businessman Sanjay Kapoor. This time, though, there’ll be no engagement ceremony. Seems like Karisma’s karishma is working after a long hiatus: no more obstacles for her TV debut and a return to films.

Earthy Tunes

A.R. Rahman’s busy again. This one’s an international project—actually a Chinese film titled The Warriors of Heaven and Earth. Guess who he’s scoring the music with? Jolin Tsai, a twentysomething songstress from Taiwan. Jolin who? Okay. She’s also called the Madonna of China, has cut five albums, published a book of photos, has starred in a TV soap back home...and she’s a great fan of Mumbai’s Marine Drive! Interested now?


  • Elton John has agreed to play a guest role in Will and Grace. His role? He’ll be seen as the boss of NY’s gay mafia.

  • Who’s got the best butt in Hollywood? A Net poll has voted George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez as their favourites!


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