February 29, 2020


  • Monday
  • 07 July, 2003
A Cushioned Ride

Looks like videshi’s edging out the enduring symbol of swadeshi at Race Course Road. The PM’s got a new car: a sleek black BMW. But can the PM take to the roads in it without worry? Security experts suggest some more decoy BMWs to deflect attention might be a good idea. Meanwhile, drivers given the ‘ultimate driving test’ complain of the car’s security-enhanced heaviness. Well, so long as the nation has a smooth ride.

Jhatka Matka

Shilpa Shetty may make the all-too-familiar star appearance for police questioning in Surat, where her father spent the week in judicial custody last week (allegedly, in case you had not heard, for using underworld connections to collect a stalled payment to his daughter). The Shetty’s lawyer, though, insists the original item number girl, who’s away shooting in Bangalore, will not be called because “she has nothing to do with it”. Sounds like a great Bollywood plot!

Dog Days Ahead

Rishi Kapoor is now fighting destiny— the persistent Kapoor gene which eventually trips the clan from stardom to fatdom. He’s on a slimming spree. There is pressure at home: from lithe daughter Riddhima and fitness freak wife Neetu Singh. And there is pressure outside: an upcoming role in Mukul Abhyankar’s thriller flick Dogs, where he’ll get to team up with the Big B again.

Three Takes

Deepa Mehta is on the Hollywood-Bollywood shuttle again. After canning romantic film Republic of Love, she’s now home on a star-hunt for a bilingual film. The new catch: lustrous Kareena Kapoor opposite wooden favourite Rahul Khanna. PS: Rumour has it she’s doing Pritish Nandy Communications’ next: a remake of Sahib, Biwi aur Ghulam with Salman Khan.

Ticking Away

She’s there wherever it’s ticking. Not quite the bombshell in the noodle straps from World Cup days, but Mandira Bedi—in flaming red—still stole the show at the Timex Billennium celebrations. Having just clocked its billionth watch worldwide, Timex Watches Ltd chose India, the land of a billion people, to mark this signpost. A billion people, ergo a billion watches.


  • On a TV show last week Cameron Diaz pointed out happily that her nipples were visible through the dress fabric.

  • The final film of the Star War series will be titled Episode III: An Empire Divided, says newshounds on the internet.


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