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  • Monday
  • 09 June, 2003
Masala Mix

Six Bollywood stars, three uninterrupted hours of item numbers, and a fireworks and laser spectacle. By the time the Megastar Mania 2003 concluded at NY this week, the fans wanted more. Sunny, Bobby, Sanjay and Bipasha were there. But guess what the crowd was rooting for? Salman’s muscles, his tattoes and Amisha Patel!

Portrait Of An Artist

Friends and fans of writer-cartoonist O.V. Vijayan celebrated last week at Delhi’s India Habitat Centre when former finance minister, Dr Manmohan Singh presented him with the best artist award for his work A Cartoonist Remembers at the 2nd Annual Art evening. The evening also marked the launch of the Annual Visual Arts Journal.

Bush Bantering

A jokebook with a “foreplay” by adman Suhel Seth! And when you have Jaspal Bhatti playing US president George W. Bush, with Seth as a reporter, in an impromptu skit at the launch of Roli Books’ Shock and Aw!, it sure has to be a laughathon. Sample this: Bush lost both his books in a fire in the White House. Dubya’s devastated, because he hadn’t finished colouring the second one.

Road To Recovery

Good news for all of you missing cricket with that unmistakable Yorkshire accent. Geoffrey Boycott will soon be back in the commentary box after a successful battle against throat cancer. But it will be a much thinner version of the Boycs we all know—he has lost 16 kgs since January this year. His doctors and friends say he’s back to his old self. Only, his voice is a little more gruffish now.

Titanic Dreams

The wheel of fortune’s turning for the Bangalore-based mother-daughter designer duo of Jamila Malhotra and Seema Sheriff. First Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett wore their embroidered clothes in Shekhar Kapoor’s Elizabeth. Now they’re dressing up Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp for Never Land, a fictionalised version of how J.M. Barrie came to write his Peter Pan tale. “There’s no better complement than to be asked to work for a second Hollywood film,” says Seema. No calls from Bollywood yet? “It’s a different ball game. The biggest snag is that we don’t live in Mumbai.” Beat that.


  • This is up, close and personal. Pop diva Mariah Carey says she will not have sex until she has found the right man!

  • Demi Moore’s attraction to younger men continues: this time she’s dating mtv funnyman and actor, Ashton Kutcher.

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