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  • 05 May, 2003
Thirty 'Dulkar

“I just want to go on an on. It’s hard to imagine life without cricket.” Sachin Tendulkar turned 30 this Thursday. The bash at Mumbai’s Tendulkar’s had friends and family recall memories of the boy-next-door who made it big in the cricketing world. Celebrations continued on the sets of a special espn-Star Sports programme too, with the birthday boy doing the honours of cutting a ball-shaped cake.

Seven Lives

It’s official: Priyanka Chopra isn’t going to be the next Bond babe. And then The Hero bombed on the b-o. But the leggy ex-Miss World isn’t sulking about a career which is heading nowhere. “People have noticed me,” she said recently. What next? The yet-to-be-released Andaaz, plus seven more flicks. Buckle up for a surfeit of Priyanka soon: as a pop star in Kismet, a housewife in Deodhar Gandhi and as a reporter in Plan. Wow.

Rocky Rides

A rare find in Dry-Clean-Only ville, he’s shown he isn’t afraid of tying the professional knot. Mumbai designer Rocky S—a label attracting a cloud of stardust supporting his “fun clothes”—has been happily bought out by the metropolis’ famous store Benzer. Besides, he’s come on board as its in-house consultant. He’s all smiles about losing his label, and with it, the “headache of marketing and managing Rocky S.”

Celebrity Parade

Can the world’s most-marketed yogi, Bikram Choudhary, pull it off? If he does, it’ll be a never-ending fleet of stars, politicians and others at his week-long ‘expo’ at Calcutta’s Salt Lake stadium this November. J Lo, he says, has promised to come. And Madonna? She’s apparently miffed with the yogi because he didn’t give her a “personal consult”.

Babe Watch

Trawl the Net and you’d come across pics of Baywatch babe Brande Roderick that we can’t print. But Bollywood’s hotting up to the news that former Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh’s one-film-old son, Ritesh (inset), is doing a flick, Out of Control, with Roderick. “All my friends want to be my body double,” he grins pleasantly. There’s more: a yet-unfinalised female interest No. 2.


  • Catherine Zeta Jones is angry. A Dutch website has posted her nude pictures, smoking and sunbathing in Mexico.

  • Prince Charles is a troubled father these days: he’s pretty anxious about his younger son Prince Harry’s chain-smoking.


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