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  • Monday
  • 28 April, 2003
Bond Batein

The tale of a Bonding gone sour! First the news: that former Miss Universe and Bollywood big time wannabe Lara Dutta is in the race as one of the possible Bond girls. And then the denial, by those who matter. But the Dutta babe’s putting up a brave front, telling whoever cares to listen that she was never interested in the role in the first place. Why? Because the role required too much “exposing” and that she was never interested in something which didn’t have anything to do with India. Wonder what’s Ash’s take on this.

The Plot Thins

It’s the first time a grateful nation refused Sachin Tendulkar something: a 1,300 sq metre coastal plot in Bandra West. There was just one glitch: it was a “reserved” plot. Even Maharashtra CM Shinde advised Sachin against the wish: “We don’t want the pride of India to get involved in a pil. If I help you on this, both of us will land in a controversy.” Also, the plot could be sold only after a central clearance!

Thorn in the Flesh

What’s this thong and dance all about—the I&B ministry has banned DJ Doll’s Kanta Laga, Lata Mangeshkar says she’s disgusted with the “remix”. But for Shefali Zariwala, her gyrations have taken her to the top of the charts. No wonder, she’s now going around saying the ban has been unfair: “I don’t think I was dressed indecently in the video or doing anything hanky-panky with the male co-star. There are other videos which are more vulgar. Everyone knows what I’m talking about.” And, for the record, Zariwala says she wasn’t wearing thongs in the video. “I’m not comfortable in them. Those were just straps stitched to the jeans.”

Balle Balle

Remember that face? It’s Dharmendra doing a bhangra number with Mahima Choudhary during Baisakhi celebrations in New York. Garam Dharam seems to have honed his dancing skills in all these years of absence.

Desi Number

There’s more desi elements to filmmaker Mira Nair’s international film Vanity Fair than what we thought earlier. Nair has roped in Bollywood’s most-selling choreographer Farah Khan to teach her lead woman Reese Witherspoon, of Legally Blonde fame, some dance steps in this period film set in 18th century Britain. The dance in question is a three-minute sequence at a lavish banquet party in an earl’s mansion. Khan, on a hiatus for filming Shahrukh Khan’s Main Hoon Na, says it won’t be much of a problem making Witherspoon dance to her steps. “It will only need a week of shooting.” Optimistic?


  • The Queen has swapped her thoroughbred horse for a new pony. No, it’s not downsizing, it’s to “strengthen her knees”.

  • David Beckham has struck a deal with Armani. Guess what, the entire English soccer team will now don £3,500 Armanis.

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