OUTLOOK Monday 03 March, 2003
Wide Angle

Going by the long thanksgiving session at photographer Subi Samuel’s book launch this week, it seems like Bollywood does give credit where it’s due. They were all there in hordes—from Hrithik Roshan to Sushmita Sen to Esha Deol—gushing endlessly at Samuel’s photo-exhibition and his book, Subi. But did they look as good as their beautiful pictures? Opinions differed, but the majority agreed on one thing: In tinseltown, beauty lies in the hands holding the lens!

Denim Dude

Another high-profile do in Mumbai, and for a change, this time the stars didn’t mind doing some impromptu rampwalk. Guess who were the star attractions at the Anil Nanda-hosted AN denim show? Not the Big B or Abhishek or Kareena Kapoor. Instead, it was Rishi Kapoor, sporting one of the AN designs, accompanied by Neetu Singh and daughter Riddhima. Wonder if Rishi actually bought one of the Rs 4,000 AN jeans on show for the evening.

Deep Catch

Christina Ricci called him the “coolest guy ever”, but will Ash agree? Considering it’s Johnny Depp, she may as the London celluloid circuit goes wild about the latest buzz in town—Depp is likely to appear as Darcy, opposite Aishwarya Rai, in Gurinder Chadha’s Bollywood rendition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Fashion queen Bubs Mahil—who designed Tony Blair’s Nehru jacket—too has been roped in to drape Rai, who’s playing Elizabeth Bennett.

Smoking Guns

More than half of our stars, including Shahrukh and Ajay Devgan, have smoked on screen. So says a WHO survey, released last week. And naturally, teenagers who watch them are three times more likely to do so themselves. The survey indicts Bollywood, but is anyone listening? They’ve washed their hands of it, saying the real culprit is tobacco companies.

The Pancake Effect

Bollywood’s most glamorous machchliwaali is tired of the naach-gaana routine. Shilpa Shetty’s aiming big. And before she rattles off a series of big banners under svelte belt, she drops the bombshell: “In Pratibimb, I am doing some scenes without any make-up.” Shilpa, unplugged!

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  • Though the Russians presented a united front of splendrous symmetry, winning golds in synchronised swimming at the FINA world championships at Gwangju, S. Korea, we only have eyes for the Italians, caught here in the glistening throes of a cascading collapse, arms linked and eyes cocked. Olgas and Tatianas hit the podium; Giulias and Francescas smacked us hard in the solar plexus.
  • She takes after her mother in so many ways: the shape of her  face, that smile, the way her hair  tumbles back. He, as you all can see, is an image of his dad (has he inh­erited that two-generation-old dimple?) Saif and Amrita Singh’s children Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan are holidaying in England. This casual, happy chat over some Earl Grey does confirm what they say—the siblings are inseparable.
  • It’s bad enough to earn millions while having a talent for nothing exc­ept indecently hogging attention; it’s worse to lay claim to a venerable tradition in service to one’s base business ins­tinct. But what do you expect from Kim Kardashian, who had the audacity to name her upcoming shapewear line (to be worn inside) ‘Kimono’. While you condemn her for the usual  self-centredness (as millions did), laud her for knowing something  about a place as further afield as Japan. The  name, thankfully, stands withdrawn.
  • Though the Trinamool cut a sorry figure, then took its rev­erses badly, our favourite MPs from Bengal—close pals  and actresses Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan, were unt­ouched by the sour petulance. Fresh from Nusrat’s wedding in Turkey, and so absent when other MPs took their oaths in Parliament, the duo did the needful later, not forgetting to use ‘Jai Bangla’. Didi is happy; can’t say we aren’t, too!


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