February 19, 2020


  • Monday
  • 30 December, 2002
Wah Taj

This one promises to be one grand centenary to remember—Ratan Tata invoked the gods before anything else last week to kickstart the year-long celebrations of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel. Watch out for parties, events, exhibitions, and two books—one on the hotel and the other on the group. Here’s raising a toast to Sir Jamshedji’s legacy, strong as ever, even after a century.

No Lingerie Please, We're Indians

Mumbai’s movers had just one thing to crow about last Saturday—Italian models Gloria Bellichi and Elisa Avalle scorching the ramp in La Perla creations, the biggest of them all in lingerie and swimwear ranges. But all that wide-eyed guests got to ogle at was Avalle in a “sexy” one-piece denim dress with stitchings all over.

Curry Masala

“Arise, Sir Ghulam,” said Her Majesty, and so the king of Indian food was turned into a British knight at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace recently. Mumbai-born Ghulam Noon came to Britain 32 years ago and joined a small business called Bombay Halwa. His chilled and frozen Indian meals soon found their way to British homes, and perhaps to palaces, considering that the Queen once wrote a foreword to a “best-selling” book of Indian recipes. Now, this brightness at Noon is recognition also of the long way Indian food has travelled down the British system.

Showman's Script

A book launch at last for just family and close friends. And still, it was almost as if all of Bollywood had descended upon Mumbai’s Grand Maratha lawns at the launch of Ritu Nanda’s coffee-table book on her father, Raj Kapoor Speaks—all biggies starting from Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Sanjay Khan and Shammi Kapoor. “Raj Kapoor was my father, is my father and will always be my father,” said Ritu. Want more of Kapoorspeak, grab a copy of the book.

Lucky Lips

What’s Delhi talking about? Not about Union tourism and culture minister Vinod Khanna’s dancing skills at the ramp launch of the new Levi’s range at Ssteel at Hotel Ashok on Wednesday. Instead, all eyes were trained on socialite Ramona Garware’s new beau—the couple was spotted smooching, endlessly, till the late hours of the morning. Tch, tch, ex-beau Mohit Burman too was spotted, squirming. Sad, her friends weren’t too forthcoming on names, and Ramona, understandably, was too busy to talk.


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